Ziauddin University and Hospital Number of Medical Programs


The Ziauddin brand has become a staple name in the country as the premier healthcare facility and medical college. The university offers a number of medical programs, ranging from degrees in pharmacy to physical therapy to the usual suspects of medicine and dentistry. Moreover, the university offers various medical diplomas as well

The university has 3 campuses in total nestled strategically in Clifton, North Nazimabad, and Kemari. This makes it accessible to students and the people of the city.

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The university consistently ranks as the top medical university in Karachi. This is not only down to the fact that its history can be traced back to 3 decades, this private medical university houses some of the most highly qualified and sought-after lecturers in the country. Whereas the alumni of the institute are serving in some of the best healthcare facilities in foreign lands.

What really distinguishes this university from the chaff is its emphasis on ‘’hands-on’’ learning as opposed to inculcating students with lengthy disquisitions. In an informal discussion, a number of students commended the university on giving them exposure early on in their programs which led them to have self-belief in themselves and substantially increased their professional acumen.

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Helping Hands of the Future

Medicine seen as the most revered profession in our country, with doctors and specialists granted the statuses of angels and messiahs. The tragedy of our country is that medical universities and healthcare facilities are few and far in between. The ones that are operating are either unable to accommodate patients or charge exorbitantly.

In these circumstances, Ziauddin has continued to provide top-notch healthcare facilities to the common man. However, there is a common myth attached to them – they charge a lot! Well, that is true only if you seek treatment that has tremendous amounts of overheads attached to it.

It is a private hospital, they cannot afford to bear losses. Rest assured, the treatment and patient responsiveness is unparalleled. The university on the other hand, which started as a medical college has now expanded to various other disciplines. The name Ziauddin has become a valuable asset to not only the Pakistani society but beyond. As evidenced by its division in the United Arab Emirates.