Zayn Malik’s Latest Interview: After Leaving One Direction Here’s Zayn Malik’s New Direction

Zayn Malik
source: Mum's Lounge

After leaving the boys-band, One Direction, and topping the singing chart, Zayn now  believes that he is an “Oscar-level actor right now.”

Zayn Malik
source: Mum’s Lounge

Zayn Malik, the former One Directioner, and madly-loved pop singer have created a large fan following with his pop songs. Malik was madly-loved when he was a member of famous British Band, One Direction. And even after leaving the band, his true fans and his lifestyle followers’ stick by his side.

Zayn Malik’s latest interview informed us about his new aim in life:

We all know Zayn Malik as the singer with a soulful voice and charming facial features, but apart from being blessed with beautiful voice and face, Zayn believes he contains acting skills as well.
Speaking in an interview with Manchester radio station Key 103 on Saturday, the 25-year-old singer said that,  “I’d be interested in doing some acting. It’s always been something that I liked doing, even when I was growing up. I did a few school performances.”

Zayn and One Direction band mates
source: US weekly

With Zayn’s confession, we believe interest in acting runs in the band.

First, Zayn’s ex band-mate, Harry Styles’ critically-acclaimed acting debut in Dunkirk won hearts last year.

Now we think Zayn’s thinking to rule the big screen.

I think my confidence has grown in the last year and a half. Just working on a lot of personal issues with just me, leaving the band and not really knowing what was going on for a while,” Zayn Malik’s latest interview showed the singer’s on-going issues.

Zayn Malik’s latest interview wasn’t a show-off,  his acting skills are tried and tested folks!

Zain Javvad, popularly known as Zayn Malik, has shot many song videos along with his ex-bandmates and even solo.
Recently, The singer just shot a mini-film for his new single ‘Let Me’ and feels he’s ready to do something big with his acting talent.

source: Hollywood style

Zayn believes he’s an Oscar-level actor right-now and with some classes, he can ‘learn things and pick it up.’

Well, we are looking forward to seeing Zayn on big screens!

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.