Your Ultimate Guide to Starting a New Marketing Campaign


It’s all fun and games until you receive criticism on what you thought was one of the best marketing campaigns that you produced. As a marketer, I have had my set of disappointments as well when things didn’t go the way I planned.

People at times blame their failure to annoyances such as the unavailability of the Internet at all times. However, with Spectrum packages, I never faced any such issues. In any case, before you start working on a marketing campaign, consider the following…

The Right Time

There is a concept they call being at the right place at the right time. That is exactly what you need to consider before you start working on a campaign. The time at which you decide to launch your campaign plays an integral part in deciding the success of that campaign.

Not only should you pay attention to the starting date of the campaign but plan systematically and decide the ending date for a campaign as well. During these days, you should plan the various promotional activities that will make your campaign a success.

There is no written rule when it comes to the starting of a campaign. It varies from business to business. You need to study your market and see when is it that your product will be most desired by the people. Once, decided, you need to put all the efforts in strategizing the campaign so that it is a success.

Target Audience

You should also be clear as to who your target audience will be. One cannot make a generic campaign that does not target a particular segment. Study your product and see whom all will this product or service appeal to. The answer to this question will be your target market.

Part of analyzing who your target audience will be is assessing the way through which you will contact your audience.

Content Calendar

The marketing campaign will ask of you to post continuously on various platforms as well.  These include social media websites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram as well as your own brand’s website. However, you cannot come up with content at the very instance that you need to upload it. Therefore, it is necessary to create a content calendar.

This calendar will help you remember what to post and when to post it apart from guiding you regarding the platform the post was meant for. Hence, reducing the chances of you missing out on a crucial post on a prominent social media platform.

Because if you post occasional messages, your audience will think that you are not interested in connecting with them. The calendar will enable you to stay on track as well as post the right data at the right time.

The Distribution Channel

A major part of making all the decisions for your marketing campaign includes the choice of distribution channel(s) that you make. This decision varies according to the product that you are offering as well as your target audience. The decision also depends on which platforms does your audience prefers using the most. Some of the available options that you can then resort to include:

  • Website
  • Mobile
  • Search Engine
  • Social Media
  • Email

You will have to select a mix of channels to reach your audience appropriately. However, remember that the channel that you select is only a way of getting the message to your target market. You need to work on the strategy that you will employ to get the message to the audience through these channels. A mere selection of platforms will not guarantee success.


Budgeting is also essential when working on a campaign. One cannot just decide one day that he wants to work on a campaign and list all the goals that he wants to achieve through the campaign without allotting a budget. Because your budget will have a major influence on the strategy and the channels that you use to get the message through.

If you think that dealing with numbers is not your forte, you can hire a finance-related person who can do the number crunching for you. That will help you a great deal.

The best part about working on a marketing campaign is that you can operate from anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet. Especially for a startup with very little money as mine. When I started off, I worked from home. Having a limited budget, I went for Spectrum Internet prices without bundle as I didn’t need other services with it. I saved more by having less!

Measure Results

Once the campaign is out, your job’s not done. You have to wait until the campaign ends to measure your success rate. Without measuring results, you cannot work on better campaigns in the future. Because the results will reflect the good and the bad about your campaign. Hence, providing you with an opportunity to do better in the future.

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