Who will be the next team to get into FIFA World cup 2018?


Sports is something which unites all the nations of the world as one, no matter how many cultural, religious or political differences we have and football is one of them. It is no doubt everyone’s favourite game. But the best matches are the FIFA World cup matches when we do all-nighters for weeks even though we come home late from work but can’t skip a single moment of the world cup matches when it comes to watching our favourite football players on the tv.

There is nothing quite like the game day, the excitement of the crowd be it the young lads or the senior citizens, the colourful team jerseys and flags swaying in the stadium and the crowd chanting and roaring their anthems to keep their favourite teams pumped up, that is the craze and fun of football which makes everyone fall in love with it. The top news in the sports world is the triggering FIFA World cup which has all the eyes around the globe set on it. These days the only news which we are getting is FIFA world cup 2018. are friends are talking about it, it’s trending on social media, it’s everywhere on the tv channels and newspapers because of what an exciting game it is. It has literally kept everyone on the verge of their seats.


FIFA World cup 2018 is going to be an exciting game to watch as it has gotten all eyes on it from all over the world with the biggest fan following and team supporters from everywhere. FIFA World cup 2018 ‘s rights to host the event were given to Russia for the first time in FIFA World cup history. In this World cup, therewith be 32 national football teams all playing for the golden trophy at the end of the tournament. The theme of FIFA World cup 2018 is a dream and cosmic outer space exploration.

The Logo has been designed to look like the World cup football trophy. For the First time since 1958, Italy will not be a part of the FIFA World cup. Iceland and Panama are the debuting teams of FIFA World cup 2018. Every FIFA World cup match brings out new talent from different countries. The biggest names have taken all over Russia for the biggest sports event on this planet. This World cup the players to look out from Muhammad Salah, Thomas Muller, Neymar, Harry Kane and the list goes on and that is also one of the reasons we love football so much.

This year’s FIFA world cup is almost coming to an end. After all the matches, our one question has been answered finally, who is that lucky team who won the semifinal match and it’s France. France is one of the eight national teams who has won at least one FIFA world cup. The French team won its one and only World cup title in 1998 against Brazil. It was played on home soil and France defeated Brazil by 3-0 in the final match.

FIFA World cup 2018 could France’s national team’s second chance to take the trophy home for the second time. They sure had to wait for 20 long years to have this happen and this might be their year of happiness, joy and loads of celebration all over their country. They might be the proud citizens of a 2nd time winning FIFA World cup. We wish them the best of luck for their country and their team has a chance of holding that beautiful golden trophy high in the Russian skies in the final match.

There is still one more semifinal match to be played which is between England and Croatia. It is England’s opportunity to win the FIFA World cup since their first win in 1966 but on the other hand, Croatia has never won the trophy in the FIFA World cup. Croatia could win this FIFA World cup 2018 and make history by winning it for the first time in their national football team’s history. Both these teams have lots of chances of winning the semi-finals also getting the finals trophy 2018.

Both team’s fans are hopeful that their teams are going to win and that is clearly shown by their reviews on the social media mostly through their twitter wars. With their hands on the keyboards, the fans are all pumped up to show their love and support through their views on social media. The sports news channels are also filled with fans wearing their favourite teams’ jerseys and their faces painted in the colour of their best teams, screaming and chanting their anthems and supporting their teams. Now all the hearts and minds of the football fans are only concentrated towards the teams who will be playing the finals. We wish best of luck to the England and Croatia team players for the semi-finals and also congratulate France for getting into finals.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.