Whatsapp Updated Privacy Policy Is What All Whatsapp Users Should Know About

Whatsapp updated privacy policy
source: The Independent

Whatsapp being one of the most used applications from around the world realized its responsibility. The company introduced an updated privacy policy that will put all other tech-giants to shame.

Whatsapp updated privacy policy is what we are in need off right now:

The Facebook data breach, Google’s untrustworthy privacy policies,Careem data hacked, news like these have been flooding all over our newsfeed. And many of us have been the victim of either this breaching incident or are victims of utter confusion and doubts.

Gladly, we can take a breath of relief from Whatsapp updated privacy policy, that the company has introduced recently.

WhatsApp is introducing “Request Account Info” feature and details about how it will work.

Whatsapp has been doubted to share information with its parent company, Facebook, but this Whatsapp updated privacy policy has shrugged off all the doubts.

The company announced in this latest update that it is not sharing account information with its parent company, Facebook at this time.

Here’s how Whatsapp updated privacy policy works:


The chatting-application keeps on introducing latest Whatsapp features and updates every now and then. But this time it has introduced an update that is reported to be the major and biggest upgrade in its application since the application was launched.


With this “Request Account Info” feature of WhatsApp. A Whatsapp user can request and export a report of his/her WhatsApp account information and settings. This information includes your chats, pictures, videos, profile photo and group names.


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Whatsapp updated privacy policy gives access to your data 3 days after request:

WhatsApp’s support page says that account reports will be available approximately 3 days after the date requested. Which means you have to wait 72 hours before you could download all the chats, pictures, videos, etc via this new tool.


A new FAQ support page details how the tool will work, so check it out.

By Maira Feroz

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