Whatsapp tricks: These 6 Simple Steps Will Stop Whatsapp From Flooding Your Phone’s Gallery

Whatsapp tricks
source: Pakistan Today

These simple Whatsapp tricks will make your time on the chatting-app more convenient

Whatsapp is an internationally renowned and widely used chatting-application in the world. While it is super-convenient to use Whatsapp as a texting tool instead of the messaging application, there’s something that makes the application a little inconvenient. Especially, for the android users.

If you’re someone looking for some handy Whatsapp tricks to apply, then search no more:

Like I said, some things make the application a little inconvenient to use. But the makers keep on trying to make the place as user-friendly as they can. By introducing new Whatsapp features, every now and then.

By introducing their ‘delete message’ feature, that lets you delete your sent message from the chat, came like acceptance of silent prayer.
Just like this, most of Whatsapp users and Android smartphone holders pray for a feature that can stop Whatsapp from downloading pictures in your phone’s gallery!

You don’t need to wait for Whatsapp to introduce a feature for it, with these simple six steps you can stop Whatsapp from flooding your phone’s gallery:

Step 1:
Download File manager.

Step 2:
Then go to
WhatsApp>Media>WhatsApp Images

Step 3:
Create a file named “.nomedia” in that folder. A full stop is necessary!

Step 4:
Save and exit the file manager.

Step 5:
Now see that your WhatsApp files are hidden from your Gallery.

Step 6:
If you wish to undo this and see your files again, just go back to the File manager app and delete the .nomedia file

See, it wasn’t so tricky after all. By these simple yet handy Whatsapp tricks, your android smartphone and WhatsApp itself, becomes a happy place.

Is there any magic Whatsapp tricks to stop my family from sending me animations and good morning/night images?! No? Okay…

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.