Whatsapp makes annoying group chats bearable by this new feature


When Whatsapp came into our lives back in 2009, we were awed and completely fascinated by its wonderful features. Messages, picture sharing and video sharing from the same single platform was never easy before the invention of WhatsApp. It came with a promise to be super user-friendly irrespective of the fact from which age group the user belongs. It soon became everyone’s favorite with its amazing features. As if the fan base was not much big, WhatsApp kept adding updated and better features to its system and it kept growing and growing and the users kept adding and adding to its community.

Today it is the most used and the most preferred messaging application among others with the major chunk of market size.

Right from the times that this brilliant mobile application first released in 2009, it has changed completely by embracing major transformations from its raw form which was all only about messaging. But then picture sharing feature was soon added by the company after its release which gained this app the mainstream attention and people began falling for this application. This gave this application a competitive edge in the market over the others.

Back in August 2014, WhatsApp was recorded to be the most comprehensively well known and very much famous application used for messaging by the users around the globe, with in excess of 600 million active users. As per the stats given by Wikipedia, by early January 2015, WhatsApp had about 700 million active users on a month to month basis with more than 30 billion messages being exchanged each day. Subsequently, in April 2015, Forbes anticipated that in the vicinity of 2012 and 2018, the media communications industry will lose a consolidated aggregate of $386 billion in view of OTT administrations like WhatsApp and Skype.


Whatsapp group chats are as chaotic as they are useful

Then somewhere after that, WhatsApp introduced its group chats feature with which you can create a group, add as many people as you want and send messages in that group rather than having to send the same message to everyone individually. This feature was liked by many and everyone enjoyed its perks initially. But soon came the scenario when people kept getting annoyed with these group chats because of receiving abundant messages all at once. The constant beep of the phone would irritate people and this became the reason for many people leaving group chats. Though Whatsapp came with a solution for this too by introducing a feature which would let you silence the notification sound of the times when you would receive a message from a group chat. The mute feature was appreciated by many. Even then the annoying group chats are considered very irritating and unbearable. The fact that these group chats take no time in turning into a chaos when everyone starts to add their two cents on the subject matter that is being discussed in the group.

Whatsapp introduces a new update for group chats to let things cool

To save all of you from those extremely difficult to bear and essentially irritatingly family group chats or your equally boring office group chats, Whatsapp app has introduced a new update in its systems. This new update only lets the approved admin members send messages to the group. This indeed is a very minute change in the settings but it has a major impact on the whole working of the application. This change will make group chats more work-centric and more functional. Also, this new change is very appealing and striking. Whatsapp is clearly well aware of the fact that group chats are a major part of the appeal that attracts users in its circle. And hence it has been adding more features as well to increase the appeal.

Whatsapp recently came with super handy and helpful features such as anti-spam tools and a catch-up feature which lets the users know all the replies and the mentions by other people. All these amazing set of features makes this super user-friendly mobile application all the more attractive and the favorite of the users around the globe.

Announcement by Whatsapp

The management of the Facebook app owned mobile application Whatsapp earlier announced in their blog post,

One way people use groups is to receive important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations. We’ve introduced this new setting so admins can have better tools for these use cases.”

Enable this new update with this super easy path

To enable the setting, just open  all the information of the group chat under the title “Group Info” in a group chat, then go to Group Settings, and then follow the option Send Messages and select “Only Admins.” This shall work as announced and let only the approved admin members of the group send messages to the group.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.