Website For Employment Agencies – Specifics And Challenges

Website For Employment Agencies - Specifics And Challenges

A website dedicated to an employment agency has a difficult task of combining two aspects of its operation. On the one hand, the message is directed to the company’s clients, i.e. web design company seeking employees. On the other hand, the message should be focused on potential job seekers.

Therefore, designers are faced with the challenge of joining both groups of site visitors. What’s more, both groups are looking for other information on the site, other elements are of value to them.

The purpose of the web design company is therefore to get the attention of the User, entrepreneur or candidate, and quickly redirect him to those sections of the page that contain a message tailored to his needs.

The specificity of the target group

In the case of the candidate, these are primarily job offers and those elements that confirm professionalism and safety when using the agency’s services. Especially when work is carried out abroad. So the key is:

  • convenient offer search engine, quick narrowing of criteria – nobody wants to wade through random offers,
  • aesthetic and transparent list of offers,
  • a set of information about the offer presented in an orderly manner,
  • convenient application form,
  • complete information about the agency’s offer and scope of activities,
  • practical advice, e.g. when traveling to work abroad.

In the case of an entrepreneur, it is particularly important to emphasize the agency’s experience, manner of cooperation and scope of activities. So the key is:

  • presenting agency references,
  • presenting workflow throughout the entire recruitment process,
  • presentation of the agency’s experience,
  • enabling fast business contact.

Job offers on the agency’s website – integration with recruitment management software


Presenting job offers on the website is particularly important for the recruitment department. Therefore, the requirement is to integrate the website with a recruiter system, such as E-Rekruter or Employ System, allowing the coordination of the entire process, controlling the requirements of the GDPR and organizing the applications.

The system is a database of offers, which are then forwarded to various publication channels – a website such as, to an intranet or website. To export offers to a website, integration with the selected software is necessary. When implementing a website for an employment agency, integration with software is one of the most important elements that we implement.

Offer search engine

Having offers on the site, we must enable their easy sorting, searching and filtering. A well-prepared search engine is an essential element of the site.

It is worth planning features such as:

  • offer hints when entering content – as soon as you type, the search engine dynamically suggests what offers are closest to the entered phrases,
  • correcting spelling mistakes,
  • Search in selected categories, such as industries,
  • quick loading of the results lists without reloading using AJAX technology.

Generating a CV

To apply for a selected position, we need a CV. We don’t always have the current document on hand. Therefore, an attractive addition to the site will be a CV generator placed on the site. Thanks to it, the user can generate a document on the spot that he needs to apply for the selected position. The generator has the form of a convenient form and is an optional module that we offer to our clients.


The blog or guide module has a dual function – on the one hand, it is a great way to the position (and thus provide content), on the other, we can provide applicants with important information, e.g. when an employment agency operates abroad. An actively run guide or blog helps to bring the realities of work closer to candidates, building trust in the agency.

The creation of a website for an employment agency must, therefore, take into account the dualism of the offer, appropriate technical solutions and reconcile the interests of both groups of users. Considering these key areas, the project will benefit and increase efficiency in terms of acquiring contractors and the recruitment process.