Web Design: 9 Tips To Guide Your Website To Conversion

Web Design

Web Design is an area that should be favored in all business sectors. Nowadays, any company wants to be present online. However, the investment will only pay off if the site effectively increases its business opportunities and generates sales.

Admitting visitors is certainly important. However, the way to be able to communicate with them, making them advance in the purchase journey, is to convert them into potential customers. For this reason, it is important to have a website geared towards conversion and lead generation.

In this article, we give you Let’s take a look at 9 effective tips to improve the design of your website and guarantee the return on your investment.

Web Design

9 Tips to increase conversion and generate sales through your website


When searching online, people look for quick and direct answers. So, when planning Web Design work, pay particular attention to the first page of your website. Communicate your solutions clearly and avoid large blocks of text.

Be concise on the homepage and leave more specific and dense information for other pages on the site or, for example, for rich materials. Here, it is important to create a simple approach that does not tire the visitor.


Feeling lost when they browse your site is halfway there for visitors to give up. A good website must have an intuitive structure, which easily guides them through menus, buttons, and links.


The visuals usually do very well. Bet on videos, images, infographics, and other appealing means to attract the attention of internet users. More than programming, Web Design is also an art. If you present the visitor with all the content in the form of simple text, you will be tired at first glance.


To get a website geared towards conversion and sales, you can’t just focus on the work of the web designer. Remember that content is the basis of an Inbound Marketing strategy.

Plan the information you want to convey and define a content structure. Then, produce content designed for your personas, optimized for SEO and that responds to the needs of leads in the various stages of the buying journey.


A website focused on Inbound Marketing, which seeks to convert visitors into leads, must have contact forms. Thus, you will be able to obtain the personal information of those who visit you, feeding your database.

Do not dwell on questionnaires. The name and email of the visitor are indispensable. For the rest, ask only the essentials to prevent people from giving up before you start filling them out. If they seem longer than they should be, eliminate the less important questions.


In addition to conversion forms, calls-to-action are also essential on websites prepared for Inbound Marketing. Therefore, the work of Web Design undoubtedly goes through these elements.

Remember the basic tricks for creating a good CTA:

  • Color – Usually, what works best for CTA is to use a color that contrasts with the rest of the page, to make it stand out. You can create A / B tests and study which tone calls the attention of internet users the most;
  • Text – You must inform the visitor about what they will get when clicking on the button. Avoid generic texts like “Click here” and opt for specific content.
  • Location – Try to vary the position of the CTA on your page. What matters is to understand which of the locations incites the most action. Your goal is for people to click and move forward on the buying journey.

It is imperative to have your website ready for mobile, as more and more people access the internet from mobile devices. If you don’t, this will force visitors to zoom in to read the content on the smartphone in addition to displaying an unprofessional image. The most certain thing is to give up, causing them to lose business opportunities.


A website should load in a maximum of 3 seconds. More than 50% of visitors give up when the waiting time is longer. Therefore, this aspect is something that should be taken into account by professionals in Web Design.


At decisive moments for conversion, you should not promote any distractions. In the shopping cart, for example, avoid using links or sharing buttons on social networks. Often, after clicking, visitors do not return to the page they were on.

For your website to generate leads, it must receive visits. If that is your difficulty, it is urgent to bet on an Inbound Marketing strategy to attract those who need your solutions. Guaranteed visits, we must bet on conversion.

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