Warning! These text bombs are crashing devices and application when received through WhatsApp

Whatsapp bug
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Attention all WhatsApp users this current news is super-alarming to acknowledge.

Different kinds of Whatsapp texts are circulating which upon opening can crash your entire cell-phone! Don’t believe us? Read the blog further and you’ll know what damages this text is causing.

Apparently, this device crashing bug is appearing in many forms and it’s getting difficult to identify all.

But thanks to stupid trolling on in the internet, we can warn you about some of the identified text-bombs that’s damaging the data and crashing applications.

Here’s a one by one reported forms of these alarming text bombs traveling all over Whatsapp.

Latest Hack Alert: The ‘tear of joy’ Emoji can cause real life ‘tears’

Well without further ado let’s tell you about the burning tech news today. Many technology-related blogs and articles have warned about this bug text spreading all over the place but now it’s time to get high-alert.

First is the suspicious emoji text. Apparently, the deadly text reads as:  

“This is very interesting (emoji)…Read more.”

And the emoji that appears is the crying-laughing/tear of joy emoji.

Like all other bugs were reported by Reddit, this bug was also given attention by them.

According to them, the bug has been found in WhatsApp that will cause the app to lock up, crash back to the launcher, or take down the whole mobile operating system. If a specially crafted message, found on Pastebin, is sent to a device, it can manifest in the aforementioned behavior, thanks to tens of thousands of invisible “left-to-right” and “right-to-left” control characters placed between the emoji and the final quotation marks.

This is how you can save yourself from this emoji bug:

Before informing you about more bugs appearing on Whatsapp, here’s how you can protect your phone from the latest bug reported.

The easiest and simplest way to avoid your phone from crashing is to ‘crash that curiosity’. We all know that an innocent text like this can create mere anticipation and curiosity but this text bomb can do nothing if you received and ignored it.

While sending this vicious text is definitely not condoned, you should also avoid viewing this text on Pastebin as it may hang the browser tab or cause the browser itself to become unresponsive.

The black dot can cause your phone to crash or freeze!

Whatsapp crash
source: Android Territory

Okay, so another bug was reported by Reddit that is as nefarious as the emoji text bomb.

Like I said, it’s becoming impossible to recognize all these text bombs as they are coming in different forms and one can’t really avoid these ‘unharmful looking’ texts.

We have kind of distinguished another text bomb that can crash your cell-phones. The WhatsApp message with ‘black dot’ could potentially crash your phones, application and might even freeze them. The dot is received in a center of a Whatsapp message.

According to throngs of Reddit users, the message works by hiding within a bunch of characters, masquerading as a ‘text bomb’ which once tapped on will expand and cause the app to overload and perhaps even your phone to freeze.

Here’s what you can do if you receive this black text on Whatsapp:

Even though this bug situation is getting a little scary.  But here’s the simplest thing you can do to make the situation normal.

If you receive the black dot message and it has frozen/stopped your cell-phone, just simply reset to bring it back to normal.

The ‘Killer Symbol’ is crashing iPhone users’ phones and applications:

Whatsapp crash
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The first bug reported by Reddit was to alert iPhone users. While these crashing text bombs are spreading all over WhatsApp and are not only restricted to iPhone users. Still, this iOS bug caused a great fuss all over social media.

The ‘killer symbol’ on Whatsapp is being used by some vicious people on the internet. That had first crashed iPhone users install the application and is now damaging more applications.

The bug causes many iOS and Mac apps to crash when rendering two characters in Telugu, a south Indian language.

While anyone can avoid viewing the symbols themselves. The real problem arises when someone ill-intentioned starts spamming out the symbols or sending them directly to devices where they will be received as a notification.

Here’s how some malicious intention people have taken bug trolling to the next level:

As soon as the bug report started heating up some assorted jerks on Twitter started trolling the iPhone users.

Not only were they spamming the devices by sending the weaponized symbol but their tweets on Twitter were something like:

“retweet this to crash anyone using an Apple device.”

Here’s how you can update your device if you became the victim of bug trolling:

Whatsapp bug
source: brandsynario

The only way to get an app working again is to reinstall it from scratch — a time-consuming process, especially if a troll just crashes it all over again.

While all the Whatsapp users are waiting for technology updates, Whatsapp hasn’t even confirmed the malicious bug spreading on its application.

Let’s just wait for more bug-like these to be identified so that we can ignore them on our own.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.