US to celebrate its 242nd Independence day on 4th July 2018

4th of July

Fourth of July or July Fourth is the known independence day of the United States of America. It is a federal holiday on July Fourth in the States. It is an essential day for Americans and has a significance for the general population of America. Individuals from everywhere throughout the USA come together to celebrate this day with full zeal and zest. Individuals from all positions and ideologies are it a Muslim, Hindu, Christian or either an atheist, white or black, republican or democrat keep their disparities aside and respect this day with well regard and love. There is a wide range of festivities in the States on this very day. From fireworks shows arranged for the public or privately arranged by the public to carnivals, there are marches held by the government. Individuals usually go on picnics on July Fourth and furthermore there are exceptional shows organized this day. Families arrange dinners and get-to-gathers. There is likewise one other custom that on this day a salute of one gun is given up for each state from any one of the armed force bases. In the year 2009 New York had arranged one of the finest and biggest fireworks show in the country. There are other major cities that organize great shows or carnivals for this day. People even ensure traveling to celebrate this big day with their families.

The celebrations start on the night of Fourth of July. The primary seven day stretch of July is thought to be the busiest travel time for the United States.


This year marks 242nd independence year for the United States. Since Fourth July is around the corner people have already prepared for this big day with excitement and happiness. The Americans are already very excited and eagerly waiting for this day. This year also marks the second year for Trump’s regime. People from all over the world are eyeing as to how the American government will memorize this essential day in Donald Trump’s reign.

The history of this day

The 4th of July is one of the biggest holidays on the calendar. On this day several years ago, a total of thirteen colonies of that time joined together and declared themselves as states of America and completely divided themselves from the British Empire. After this, a war broke out and continued for a while. This was a very revolutionary war and is one of the highlighted wars in history.

Prior to the independence, the United States of America only comprised of thirteen established states which include East Coast states, they were Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

All these colonies were under the rule of the British government and were a part of British Empire. Initially, things were running pretty smooth between the British people and these settlers but then began the actual conflicts between the two. The settlers began reporting complaints about the overall British influence as well as about taxes. The settlers felt they were being suppressed in a different level and that they deserve as much importance as any other British individual. They felt their own nationalism and their own sense of pride. Due to this, the settlers came with a proposal in 1765 that said ‘no taxation without representation’ which meant that they want their own representative as their voice in their voice in the Parliament or else they would not pay their taxes.

Once this came out, the Brits did not seem to agree to this and hence no settlement happened between the two parties. In fact, several fights erupted in effect to this proposal such as the Boston Tea Party in 1773. It was a protest against the Tea Act which was completely unbearable for the settlers as this gave a major monopoly to the British company over the sales of tea in the Thirteen Colonies of America.

It was later in 1775 that a meeting was held by the Thirteen Colonies and they decided on a war against the British Empire. The coming year in 1776 at yet amid the unrest of American revolution the Second Continental Congress finally voted and approved the Resolution of Independence pronouncing the United States a separate nation. This resolution was proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. The resolution was approved on July 4 the date written on the publicized Declaration of Independence.  Since then Americans have been celebrating this day as their independence day. Historians still have some reservations on to exactly which date the resolution was approved.

Like every year this year also all the patriotic citizens of America are all pumped up to celebrate their national day. In the headlines today till 4th of July, all you will see is the people of US, preparing for the big day. The United States police force has also prepared themselves and devised safety measures for the celebrations. Now let’s see what the Americans are up to this year for their national day.

By Faiza Ahsan

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