Your unpublished/deleted Videos on Facebook weren’t completely Thrashed!

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source: Techspot

After suffering from series of blames, accusation and scandals, Facebook users have now new doubts and queries for the social media giant.

March was definitely not a year for Facebook, as the Cambridge Analytica debacle caused immense disruption in Facebook users’ lives.

The furious reaction of users’, after knowing about the unworthiness of Facebook, was impossible to lessen even after Mark Zuckerberg’s apology.

Facebook has apologized one more time but now for a new mistake:

Facebook has recently introduced a new tool that allowed users to download their archived Facebook data.
While using that tool, users discover that Facebook had secretly kept videos they had recorded but never published to the site. That’s what er have for Facebook news.

The discovered videos were from a time before Facebook Live:

Before the platform introduced Facebook Live, back then users could post a video to a friend’s wall, and they could respond in the same manner. It was sort of video conversation method.

The videos you didn’t send or had ‘deleted,’ weren’t truly deleted!

In this video messaging ritual back then, Facebook was given access to user phone’s camera. The time when a user recorded a video, he/she was allowed to delete or record the video if they didn’t like the first attempt.

But the videos they thought they deleted, weren’t completely trashed.  Instead, it was archived to the server under the user’s profile.

Moreover, Facebook apologized claimed that it was a ‘bug’ that prevented videos to be thrashed completely. Facebook news is the center of hub for everyone and we provide all the latest ones.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.