Uber will Offer E-bikes For Rent In Their Ride-hailing Application

source: The businessinsider

The famous ride-hailing app, Uber, along with bike-sharing startup company, JUMP, will bring great news for you.

Uber, as you all know, is an internationally famous and used ride-hailing application, which seems eager to enhance its services every now and then.
On the other hand, JUMP isn’t internationally famous yet but we can say that its services must be exceptional that Uber has its eyes on it.

JUMP sold itself to Uber for an undisclosed amount of money:

Meetings were being reported between the owners of the two companies. Rumors were in the air regarding sell/buy talks between JUMP and Uber. Well, the matter isn’t fully disclosed yet but we do know that the start-up bike-sharing company has sold itself to Uber.
But the real question is, for how much?
$100 million, $200 million or $300 million? The money and business talk isn’t disclosed yet.

JUMP isn’t your basic bicycle, it’s more:

According to Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi,”Uber has become more than just a car-hailing application.”
Similarly, JUMP is more than just an ordinary bicycle. As per the details of Techcrunch,  the e-bike “is best known for operating dockless, pedal-assist bikes. JUMP’s bikes can be legally locked to bike parking racks or the “furniture zone” of sidewalks, which is where you see things like light poles, benches, and utility poles. The bikes also come with integrated locks to secure the bikes.”

Let’s see if the two customer-friendly applications will be successful in doing wonders when partnered.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.