Uber Launches New Safety Feature in Pakistan

Uber Launches New Safety Feature in Pakistan

Uber has propelled its new ‘Check Your Ride’ activity to guarantee the safety of the travelers. Misunderstanding the Uber ride is a typical issue. While the error is non-dangerous as a general rule, despite everything it is a danger.

So as to avert any untoward circumstance and enlarge its client’s security, the ride-hailing giant is lifting its interest in innovation.

It has been chipping away at its safety measures for some time now. It presented numerous security activities like empowering the traveler to impart their whereabouts to a friend or family member alongside every minute of everyday support, GPS following of the outings, and record verifications on drivers.

Presently, it has chosen to dispatch ‘Check Your Ride’ in-application updates and message pop-up to its riders over the globe where Uber is working, similarly as it did in the US in April.

This activity will remind the rider to check the tag, driver photograph, and vehicle/make model before beginning the outing. The rider can likewise request that the driver affirm his/her name, as the driver will be informed of the rider’s name on the application. Same goes for the driver, as he/she can likewise get some information about their accreditations. This trade will dispose of any perplexity or misjudging about the ride.

These updates can demonstrate to be significantly more helpful than one may suspect. An individual who is in a rush or new to the application or administration is all around liable to overlook affirming the certifications of the ride. These updates will guarantee that they get in the correct vehicle.

Aside from the pop-up messages as an update, there will likewise be Check Your Ride in-application pennant. The rider will almost certainly observe an unmistakable message in the application, that will show up the minute ride is reserved and stay till the outing is begun.

The update will stay for half a month and will be indicated occasionally after that.