Tweets you cannot miss about Pak vs Ind Asia Cup match!


So Pakistan and India, the constant rivals, hit it again on the ground of Dubai yesterday in one of the super 4 matches of Asia Cup 2018. Though Pakistan could not pull off a great show against India in the first match, fans were hopeful for yesterday’s match after the team’s come back in the match played against Afghanistan. When Shoaib Malik saved the team out of the hot waters and won the match for the team, the country could not stop praising the sensible asset of the Pakistani National team aka Shoaib Malik, but also thanked their lucky stars as this victory against Afghanistan gave them a pint of hope for the next match against India.

However, our national team players, led by Sarfaraz, have left us quite hopeless for the tournament after India thrashed Pakistan brutally in the super 4 Pak vs Ind match played yesterday.

Though the batting went quite satisfactorily, (it should have been much MUCH better, but considering the form of the players currently, it was just well), the bowlers were playing as if they were drunk. Dropped important catches, missed a lot of opportunities. One of the worst things that any team has to face is the massive trolling by the internet which gets a little much to bear. Right when the Indian cricket stars Shikar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma crossed the first 15 overs with the massive score on board, Pakistanis knew it was time they switch off their internet as Indian trollers were already making memes.

But the worst part is, Pakistan’s Cricket Team is not even safe at home. Our own people mock the team out of anger and frustration that comes instantly in the form of tweets and memes.

So here are some tweets we came across by Pakistanis and Indians which we could not miss!



This happened when the match was still going on, India was batting. Looks like Musharraf was not impressed most

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Get one thing straight, 2017 is gone now, CT’17 is GONE!


It’s sad we provide them with these opportunities!

BRB, crying


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