Trump to aid Pakistan to save its economy

On the latest news report, it was clear that the US wants to help Pakistan to protect its economy. Pakistan helped the United States to get on the negative terms with the Taliban and so they were somehow going for the conclusion. Maybe on that note of humbleness what Pakistan showed, Trump is being kind about. It was clear in the news report that Trump was to aid to help Pakistan improve its economy and treasury. Pakistan on taking money from the IMF is in huge trouble with the debt show so the US Treasury in Washington DC claims up for Pakistan that the funds taken from IMF cannot be used in repaying debts to China. The situation made was really odd in a certain way where Pakistan is about to have funds from IMF but cannot pay to release debt. The head of SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) states the requirements are cleared as crystal and the will follow their restrictions also. This law for not making was made by the lawmaker and so Trump was pretty concerned about the lawmaking that the following laws made must be followed or it won’t be a decent action to take.

It was mention in the meeting and the congressional hearing that IMF will no longer serve for paying debts so Trump had noticed the statement and he further discussed this in his interview. Pakistan was seeking for around $8 billion from IMF to solve it’s the cripple crisis that Pakistan was legit stuck into. The decision is not yet made and still in the matter of discussion whereas no due date is mentioned, but till next month it will be announced. The lawmakers then settled for the situation and discussed whereas they knew Pakistan is in huge debt crisis from China. The project of CPEC was critical but it made Pakistan borrow approximately $60 billion which made them stuck into some serious trouble and economic crisis. The issue was in front of everybody so it cannot be hidden or nobody tends to cover it. Pakistan has to settle their economical issue first from the borrowed money and so only on this term they will be provided funds from IMF. Their vision is clear as they are trying to aid Pakistan from its economic crisis and no longer wanted to provide money to repay loans.

While sorting out the situation among themselves, a congressman ED Royce questioned that according to the legacy of the rules that have been going from all the way from past law books doesn’t provide any rationale on whom shouldn’t the country repay as a loan or whatever but it should be cleared that the loan should be used in fair means. He raised his question why Pakistan is not allowed to pay off their debts while no such rule is in providence according to that. The funding can be used in any way where it is more beneficially used so when it comes to Pakistan returning the loan to China is not a big issue to create. Well on this note the lawmakers stated that the issue for providing funds to Pakistan is a bit different. The rule is being made to protect Pakistan’s economic values. It is not clearly stated whether who wanted to have power on funding. Later on that day, the congressman said the money lender to Pakistan will straightly go to China or Beijing because they have been planning to get everything right and up on track, so providing fund to Pakistan will undergo some huge decisions as they will no longer pay to China or Beijing as the money is being provided to save the economic crisis and budget planning. He then further added that they are waiting for Pakistan to change their economic strategy and so it will give some great and long-lasting advantage to its government and people. Another man from the Congress raised the same question that why is the money being a medium to exchange and repayments kind off. It is cleared that IMF is trying to make things better for Pakistan’s economy and so they can make things better in spite of paying back the money as in the form of loan payments to China.

It is now pretty clear to everybody that what IMF clear what they want for Pakistan and for their economy. It is no longer a secret and opened to everybody.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.