Top three bizzare gadgets of 2018!


2018 was a hell of a ride! No? This year brought in so many things along with it right since it began. One of the most noticeable thing that it brought along is a parade of weird and uncanny gadgets to the market. These gadgets in spite of their peculiar functioning and features have gained quite an attention in the mainstream media. They are absolutely loved by the luxury buyers. It is very weird that tech giants of today are running out of ideas and bringing into scene some weirdly unique and offbeat inventions to the market which are a bit too much luxury, or to be more specific, the very much unwanted gadgets. In this article, I have jotted down a rundown on the most offbeat gadgets that were and announced in 2018 and left us quite unimpressed. These gadgets were all over the top news stories earlier this year!

Foldimate and Laundroid


These two are twin robots which have the responsibility to take care of the business that you hate the most aka, folding your clothes and the worst one, doing the laundry!  But when you get the help of these twin bros, you should totally relax and let them do the work! Foldimate folds the laundry which is put in individually in just a matter of four minutes and Laundroid folds the clothes from a whole drawer filled with it. But what concerns us is that both these machines can not fold sheets and socks which need major struggle. And $16,000 for a gadget that folds your laundry? we are not sure about that!

Kohler Numi

If there was an award for the worst invention ever, then it will go to this one. Kohler is a luxury toilet that has automatic functions. connected with Alexa, it will flush itself whenever you ask Alexa to do it. It can also lift the seat itself and activate your favorite bidet spray configuration, whenever told to do so. Ask yourself, do you really need it? Why would you invest in it just to lift off the seat for you? Unwanted technology!

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Moodo Fragrance box


Moodo has a smart fragrance box which has four scented capsules which leave off a pleasant refreshing smell all across the room where it is activated. You can connect your smartphone with the device and switch on the fragrance through the phone itself. It has four refreshing fragrances,  Such as Orange Sunrise, Precious Spices, Grandma Vanilla and Midnight Trill. Okay, the smell is very cool and everything but someone tell them that we are pretty much happy with the room sprays. Too. Much. Luxury. Sorry!

I would rather buy a whole stock of air fresheners from a local shop in Karachi, or better yet, get agar battis than get this. Even if I could afford it.

The list is long, but these were the worst of them all. I mean an automatic toilet? I am sure even Bill Gates will prefer a normal toilet than getting this. Too much bilawaja kay shashkay!

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.