Three new Lenovo Chromebooks coming soon

Three new Lenovo Chromebooks coming soon

A significant part of the consideration in the tech business has been pampered on cell phones, regardless of what market investigators guarantee to be a gradually contracting business sector. Different gadgets simply aren’t cutting it, particularly Android tablets. For a period, it appeared that Google’s Chrome OS was headed straight toward a colossal comeback however then things went quiet once more. In spite of that, Google’s equipment accomplices are as yet keeping the confidence and Lenovo specifically appears to have three new Chromebooks that might be prepared to break spread soon.

There is no significant declaration yet, not in any case an open mystery. If not for Chrome Unboxed’s snooping, we presumably would have never known about these three Chromebooks until the latest possible time. Luckily, Lenovo’s own “Chromebook Product Tour” on YouTube gave enough pieces of information to chase the items down and get the subtleties.

Both the 11.6-inch Chromebook C340-11 and the 14-inch S340-14 make a critical bounce from MediaTek MT8173 processors to an Intel Celeron N4000. In principle, this ought to carry more execution to the gadgets, however, Intel’s Celeron chips aren’t actually ground-breaking workhorses either. The littler C340-11 will be convertible Chromebook while the S340-14 can just lay level at a 180-degree point.

The genuine star of Lenovo’s next bunch of Chromebooks will no doubt be the 15.6-inch convertible C340-15. It is by all accounts outfitted towards expert work with an Intel Core i3-8130U or Pentium Gold 4417U and 128 GB of capacity. Unfortunately, the 4 GB RAM could be somewhat choking.

There is still no word on when Lenovo is intending to officially declare the three, that is on the off chance that it intends to do as such. It doesn’t appear to attempt to keep it a mystery and it may be one of those serene gadgets that just get a passing notice half a month after they go live.