This is what made Juhi Chawla come to Pakistan!


India is that one country in the world which no matter how much we try, we can not completely cut our ties with. Both the countries are so much alike in so many things. We share the same language, we share the same culture, our living styles are the same and we are pretty much identical in so many things. Not only this but the movie industries in both the countries are too very close to each other. Earlier, actors from both the countries used to cross the borders and did several projects with their neighbors. Nevertheless, this excursion could not go on and ended on a very bad note after the Uri Attacks. Both the countries banned the actors of the other one to work on their land in their movies.

However, this did not stop celebrities from both the sides to visit the other country in question. First, it was Navjot Singh Sidhu that came to Pakistan to support his friend and our Prime Minister on his Oath taking ceremony and now it is Juhi Chawla who has come to Pakistan.

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Juhi Chawla, who is one of the top actresses that Bollywood has been blessed with, was seen in Karachi dining at a local Restaurant. Chawla is one of those names in the Indian Film industry who paved her way through the success and made it big in the industry in a very short span of time. Her bubbliness and sparkling personality bagged her all those characters in the movie that helped her become a star in no time.

After her arrival in the city of lights, she confirmed things by posting a tweet on Twitter where she said that she came here to meet her family and friends. She said that she is very happy to meet with her peers in Pakistan. She posted a picture on Instagram as well where she stated her plans for the day.



On her post, she said that she will first go out for lunch with friends to the Boat club after which she plans to watch a Pakistan flick and guess which movie is in her wish list? Jawani phir nhi aani 2!!

She said,’In Karachi, out for lunch to the Boat Club with family friends… and then to the movies …a delightful Pakistani romcom ‘Jawani Phir Nahin Ani’ … which coincidentally had a full Indian girl/ Pakistani boy love story.’

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Looks like she came to support her nieces!

Earlier today, the actress posted another picture and this time with her niece. In this picture, she wished her nieces Kiran and Selina for their store launch. It is suspected that Juhi Chawla must have come to the city to support her nieces.

With the picture, she wrote, ‘In Karachi, at my niece Selina and Kiran’s very very charming store ‘ FOUR STORIES’, 2nd lane Zamzama. The cutest children’s clothes, lovely women’s garments, footwear and home accessories’


We wish Juhi Chawla all the best with the promotion and her nieces Kiran and Selina for their new venture.


By Faiza Ahsan

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