This beach in Pakistan is literally LIT!


There are no dubious thoughts on the fact that Pakistan is a beautiful country. It has got everything to let it bag a place on the list of extremely breathtaking countries. From its mountains to the greenery, lakes, and beaches,  it has all the ingredients.

While the majority of us do not have much idea about these wonders of nature, a few people are still interested in discovering this land and simultaneously explore the beauty of their amazing country Pakistan. Their main interest lies in discovering green and flawless mountains and the cool soothing beaches.

Recently a blogger called Anam who owns her own blog called ‘Girl with green passport’ discovered a beach in Pakistan called ‘Bhit Khori‘. This amazing previously undiscovered beach is situated near Mubarak Village and has been getting its pictures viral on all social media platforms for its breathtaking sights.


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The reason why this beach is different from others in Pakistan is that it is seriously LIT UP! The beach glows at night and shows a bright color that looks like there is a giant net of minute lights spread across the edges of the water. It looks beautiful to see it glowing under the dark starry night.

Picture by Kumail Hussain

This is called Bioluminescence and it is amazingly beautiful. When the pictures first circulated on the internet people were confused as to why is the beach lighting up and how is this possible. But this is all the beauty of nature. Bioluminescence in the ocean happens because of a microscopic organism or algae floating in the water. These minute organisms are usually found swimming over the warm tropical waters. Now when there is movement in the ocean caused by the waves, or due to the pebbles which are thrown in the water,  or a splash made by feet or a boat, it causes a chemical reaction in planktons and a substance called ‘luciferen’ is released, which is responsible for creating the blue light that we see. In short, the beach glows because of the glowy planktons (minute sea living organisms) that come to the edges of the sea with the tide. And thus the beach looks glowy.

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However, Bhit Khori does not glow every day. So those of you who have made their plans of visiting this place already as they read it, be aware that this beach does not light up every day. There are days when it is just the regular beach that you visit and then there are those days when it glows like a vision.

It is said that there are more chances for the beach to light up during and around the full moon. So make sure your plans are set around those days.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.