Hurry up Karachiites these Three Restaurants Offers The Best Pizza Fries In Karachi

pizza fries
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For the unaware, Pizza fries are nowadays the most loved food fusion in town. And why should we not love it? The combination of our two favorite foods in a divine manner is too irresistible. Pizza fries managed to create great hype in the food blog world. And when it comes to Karachi, food hype never gets low.

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But the good and bad part of this hype is that TOO MANY PLACES ARE OFFERING PIZZA FRIES! You might be thinking why is it a bad part or why is it a problem? Then here’s why it’s a problem.
With too many restaurants offering pizza fries in Karachi, it’s utterly confusing for a foodie to choose. Plus, not every restaurant offers a heavenly taste.
If you’re someone who hasn’t tried pizza fires yet and looking for recommendations then here’s our list.
The list carries K-town’s restaurants that are offering the best fries, trust me, you can’t miss this beauty:

source: CheflingTales

·      Bites 4 Delight

Fb area in Karachi should now be named as ‘place where best pizza fries can be found,’ because that place has Bites 4 delights!
This place serves the best fries in town!
This surely deserves the first spot for being pocket-friendly! They are serving the delicious pizza fries in just 160 rupees.

·      Big Bash

Located at DHA phase 5, Big Bash is the talk of K-town. Not only do they serve some good-looking fries, but the taste is also just pure bliss!
This is totally our second favorite spot.
Time to bless your taste buds in just Rupees 199.

·      Burger O’ Clock

Last but not the least, Burger O’ Clock! If you’re a foodie or an internet addict, you might have heard some great reviews about this place. And trust me, the place surely deserves 5 stars for its Pizza Fries!
260 rupees for those straight-from-heaven Fries!

So what are you waiting for? Bless your taste buds people!

pizza fries
source: CheflingTales

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