The world is crippled without Technology as stated by a research

The world is crippled without Technology as stated by a research

Technology is a process, for continuous modifications. It is considered a vital tool that not only minimizes our workload but also seems to be the most important tool for the world to succeed and progress. We used to consider it a luxury but it’s now our need. According to many researchers on technology and its importance in our lives, it has been concluded that technology is an extremely important element in the business world without which it is crippled. Let’s have a look around, we will find technology everywhere in every corner. From a house to a large organization we only see technology all over.


Technological gadgets used to be considered as a luxury in old days. People used to think they can’t afford to have luxury or technology as it cost too much. But now if we see in a common house we can find uncountable technological appliances in a single house. From a basic kitchen appliance to a modern automatic vacuum cleaner, everything is changed and modified. People can now consider technology for their comforting purpose also.


Education is playing an important role in every individual’s life. Technology has a great impact on education. We grew up studying in a classroom seeing a board on which our teacher writes the stuff down. Well, now schools and colleges are converting or changing into smart schools or colleges where the common looking board is changed into a big screen and old looking classes are converted into cool labs where students learn within their computer.

If we see, education is not changed. It’s just the way of education is a bit change and that I believe is a healthy change. Students enjoy learning nowadays because of this amazing idea of learning in a new way.


Technology plays an effective role in the research and development department as well. Modifying old things to a new version with lots of twist and turns are not pretty easy, it takes a lot of stress and pressure on the head. So before going through further let’s discuss how technology and research can work accordingly. In large industries where a lot of work depends on data medium and upgrading is not typically an easy task so at that place technology can make those slow upgrades to a faster upgrading medium.


Technology has become so helpful in our lives and in so many other ways. People can travel from one place to another through navigation services and so is traveling. You can book your bus tickets, air tickets online and can travel without any future scheduling. What then comes after travel to a new city or country? Hotels or lodge? It’ll become easy if you can book or reserve your hotel room online from your single touch on your phone. These facilities come with rising technology. In the new era where technology is facilitating or work, it is also helping us in every aspect. We are getting too dependent on these technologies where I presume we won’t be able to do work on our own as technology will completely take over.


Communication was a barrier in olden times, where people had to travel for days to meet their loved ones. Technology has now crossed the barrier so that people don’t have to travel for days to see their loved ones. They just have to use their phone to call their people around the world. International calling is also very common as it is no longer a struggle to talk to your family or friends if they living in another country.

Letters modified to a telephone whereas telephones converted into very handy cellphones and now we can see the upgraded technology like smartphones. As compare to other technologies, smartphones are the most commonly used worldwide. It has now become very easy for everyone to use a smartphone as it has made communication very easy. We can not only voice calls but can see faces through video calls from very far also. It’s not only satisfying or fulfilling our communication need but also it can be used above all qualities. Nowadays we can control our house appliances with connectivity on our phone, and so as we can get to learn a lot of things on education purposes on our phone. Not only this but we can also track or navigate places and also can make reservations online from our phone.


Information technology IT is used in every other office and so in any organization. People can learn as it is making work simpler day by day. As we can see technology is progressing tremendously from the last century and work is being easy on IT. There is even an IT department in every other organization where they have all their database stored and computer work is done. It manages information in a particular manner.

Manual working or data assembling is difficult, we need to have experienced workers for that. As data is very sensitive information to carry so it must be handled accordingly. Now data management is somehow an easy job. We can get old data in minutes by recalling the data on our computers. We don’t have to go to the files manually. And considering how we cannot live without Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, you can well calculate how essentially important it is to even the teenagers or your toddler cousins who watch Youtube videos all day long.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.