The Tech-Companies That Ruled The “April Fools Day” Prank This Year

google the verge
source: The Verge

Fake events news, the term that is surfacing all over the internet. Social media giants are pointing fingers towards each other for promoting and spreading the fake news on their platforms. The social media users are feeling insecure and cheated with frequent fake news and cheating scandals.

But guess what? even in such chaotic situation, came a day when the same social media users shared, retweeted and laughed at some news. And the shocking part is, they all knew it’s a fake news!
That one day was, April Fools Day! The one internationally accepted day to spread and appreciate the fake news, to laugh at some absurd information and blow little air out of your nose while scrolling down your newsfeed.
Apart from celebrities and common people on the internet, some of the tech-giants, ride-hailing companies and mighty companies tricked their customers on 1st April 2018.
In case you’ve missed companies’ hilarious take on its customers on April Fools Day, then don’t worry, we have listed our favourite ones for you:

1. Google:

The mighty technology company planned the one hilarious way to trick its users. The trick was hidden in Google’s Google Map application. Many users, who had opened the application reported hit up by a ‘Where’s Waldo’ game.

google, the verge
source: The Verge

2. Careem:

Let’s talk about the famous ride-hailing application, Careem. So Careem users know that the application offers free credits to its customers and by taking advantage of that, Careem played April Fools’ trick on its customers by doing this.

source: official page

10,000 PKR credit for everyone named Careem! Now that’s brutal.

3. Xiaomi:

The China-based smartphone company announced that after a huge success of camera phones with more than one lenses, they are introducing their smartphone with six lenses!

source: official page

These three are surely deserving of the list!

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.