Alaska is known for its snow and cold weather, it is one of the coldest places you could ever think of visiting. Alaska faced a natural hazard this week, it was a mighty fine day when the earthquake shook all the civilians. Being the coldest place itself means stumble roads. It was a really bad one where everybody major faced troubles, roads were broken and bridges were damaged badly and the lift chair was also terribly broken. People were injured and a big loss has occurred. People stated that it was not like other disasters but it was quite a big one which caused massive destruction across the Alaska Town. The damage actually was when the road was broken. The damage was on the southbound road on the mirror lake, it was pretty scary if you’ll look up in the pictures or in real.  The smooth asphalt roads were shaken dramatically and it caused a good hustle. The asphalt tree also fell on people’s house and that’s what people were claiming that the earthquake made the trees go fall on their houses whereas there were few people who agreed that there were slow indications of the earthquake or maybe it was their mood or somewhat so they changed the mind and cut their old asphalt trees to clear there way and make it look appropriate.

According to the latest news by the sources, the roads of Alaska were badly damaged and faced destruction and so the roads were destroyed completely. The roads were charged to be mended as soon as possible so the construction started over from the scratch and it formed a structure in days. It was seen that the road was in a form within days, the news went all over the news channels that it quickly took a shape and was fixed in hours and days almost.

Alaska has about 300,000 people of its population around the globe and it covers about 1900 square meters. The lane of asphalts is pretty big, covering a large area of land as the earthquake goes from magnitude 7.0 and shook the earth it was on a big scale. The images when came out showed huge devastations as the road on the mirror lake was broken apart from the middle it was seriously and surprisingly wrecked. The workers and people assigned to fix it did a quick job. They put their best and by today we can see some fine images of the road being developed and fixed like most of it. Due to the road was broken so there was a lot of traffic on other intersecting and joining roads. There was hustle on other connecting ways too. People panicked as they were expected to be.

The quick response in Anchorage shows how much money, time and people are assigned or invested in this project. The infrastructure was not an easy trick to play with though it requires a lot of effort and people with a bunch of holdings on back of it. But the immediate and active commitment shows that they were quick and steady as they were charged. They put all efforts and preparation forward and join up to work on a long run scheme of creating the road in case any disaster may hit again in future. The metrologist said he being in Alaska knows how much disasters they actually tend to face but it’s was the worst of it they’ve seen so far. They agreed that Alaska has faced disasters before and was ready for the coming ones too but who knew that it could go that off route. They mentioned the largest hazard that Alaska, Anchorage ever faced was a tsunami held in 1964 that shook the borders and caused big destructions as the roads were broken, buildings were fallen and people were injured in a big pace.

The workers mentioned that they’ve worked for like 24/7 and cleared the way so far, they’ve pushed their limit to make it look into a piece. They installed their heavy equipment before the snow could melt and pushed it to their core to mend it.

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By Faiza Ahsan

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