SpongeBob square pants is a very well known cartoon series created by Stephen Hillenburg. The cartoon was a legacy set to millennials especially, going from generation to generation. Its creator today died at the age of 57. According to the news report, he was struggling with a disease from last year in March 2017. His close ones confirmed he was reportedly in a disease called Lou Gehrig also knows as ALS. He struggled for a year but he has serious issues and severe condition while this disease. He died just a week after the great marvel creator Stan Lee died. Stan Lee’s death was wrath to Marvel series. Every celebrity showed their part of condolences on their social platforms.

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Stephen Hillenburg was a great artist/cartoonist and was also a marine biologist. He put his skills and career forward and put his career and art at the same pace and start working with his collaboration of both his art piece and his study. Being a marine biologist he had some great knowledge about undersea life, the deep sea creatures too. With his pencil, he drew those things with his imagination. He went on continuing and created Spongebob square pants. He showed that there was a jolly sponge enjoying undersea with his friends, a starfish, and a jelly bean Patrick and Mr. Crab. He drew it in a square shape so it would be sarcastic calling him SpongeBob square pants.


Nickelodeon officially announced it on Tuesday that our beloved creator of SpongeBob square pants died at age 57. He was officially working for Nickelodeon from past years and was making success for them. Kids love to watch that cartoon, who actually doesn’t that would be a question. Nickelodeon came in the form in a blue ocean where every cartoon channel was showing some content that was pretty attractive or kids were into that, at that moment of time they needed a push, a start button may be so that could push them hard. Stephen Hillenburg came with his genius idea of creating SpongeBob and serving it to Nickelodeon.

The show was a star show itself, it gained huge success and soon people came to know the mastermind, the creator of the show. It started from a step of success to everybody in the world knows it now. Stephen said when he started creating it he never knew it would actually go this far, after all, what to expect from a kind man. He said he knew it would go a bit further and then it’ll stop maybe after some time but things went differently.

Things were in his favor, and after the show launched it was a jackpot to Nickelodeon. They agree on SpongeBob was the key successor for their channel. They mentioned they can’t even thank him for such a revolutionary series. SpongeBob acquired many shows after there launch and premier. It was the jolly content of the show that wins all hearts one by one and made it to a whole new level.

SpongeBob’s voice was played by Tom Kenny who brilliantly did his job and made the character look more funny and interesting. The content of the show mostly shows that SpongeBob mostly fails his boating test and he tries to attempt it always. Tom Kenny did a wonderful job as we know but he also got awarded for his amazing voice transitions. He received Emmy’s award this year, he said the voice behind the character is maybe mine but the fun-loving spirit, the jolliness, and spark of SpongeBob is only Stephen’s hard work.

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About his life!

Stephen’s father was in the army and so he was posted in California. So Stephen starts his education from there and made his researches in marine knowledge. Stephen always tried infusing his artwork and knowledge, he then started adding his research work with his SpongeBob’s character. He further received his degree in arts from an arts university in California. Stephen went on teaching tech marine at the University of California Oklahoma. He while teaching worked on his comic called THE INTERVAL ZONE, which wasn’t a success at that time.

He faced certain failures too but that won’t make him a loser. What people see is a hugely successful man standing beside the successful Nickelodeon’s show but what actually he sees himself as a man struggling for his life day to day, just to get a chance, a right opportunity, a way, a peak where he could reach. He never dreamt about too many people around him or him being called the successor but what he chooses was never to stop. Stephen mentioned in his speech that he had few speed breakers but that won’t stop him. He tried and truly tried over and over to get rid of stumbles and he knew when he’ll overcome them, it’s just him and his way to success.


The above blog states how saddening it is to lose such an amazing cartoon creator Mr. Stephen Hillenburg.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.