The Millionaire Guide on Wikipedia Page Creation to Help You Get Rich


Establishing a business and make real money from it is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, investment capital, and smart decision-making skills. There is so much that depends on how you market your product for business success. Marketing is the key factor for business growth in the competitive economy of today’s world. A good marketing strategy can help you become the owner of a multinational business in a small time period. Whereas, neglecting the marketing strategy can make your business profit decline in no time.

Digital marketing is the marketing concept that most businesses adopt nowadays because they are the most effective ways for business growth. Social media sites and blogs are largely used for the purpose. No doubt these sites do attract businesses but they do not let you have a vast exposure to the international market and thus, limit your business growth. However, there is a way to have international business growth through the internet that many entrepreneurs are using.

We all know how famous Wikipedia is and since it is free for all, it is accessed by millions of international users every day on a regular basis. Having a Wikipedia page for your business can be a good marketing strategy for attracting international customers. It does not require huge investments and making the page is not difficult either. This article is going to guide you about how you can get a Wikipedia page without much hassle.

Make Account on the Site

The first thing that is needed to be done in order to have a Wikipedia page is having a Wikipedia account. Although Professional Wikipedia Editors for Hire can edit Wikipedia pages without making a personal account on the site, it is better to have an account because having an account gives you more access. Also, having an account makes it easier for you to participate in different ongoing activities on the site and have a more influential contribution.

Rules and Policies

Wikipedia is a site that has some values in order to ensure the quality of the content and keep the site free from promotional or impartial information. For instance, to maintain the credibility of the site, Wikipedia allows all of its visitors to edit and challenge the information provided on any of the articles published by the site. There are many other rules that are set by the website that editors must follow for having a page on the site and preventing it from getting deleted. It is necessary to know all the policies of the website before you start to write for it.

Audience Are the Main Focus

It is important to realize that Wikipedia has a wide-ranging group of audience. That includes students, professionals, scholars, and common internet users. On the one hand, this wide audience makes marketing on the site really profitable. But on the other, it makes writing an article for the website really demanding. The writing style should be very simple and yet, the information should be detailed. Also, you must avoid information that is controversial.


Research is one of the most important aspects of the process that may take most of the time. However, the site demands proper citation and references so it is very important to have extensive research on your product and write everything in a fact-based tone with suitable evidence and references.

Keep it Impartial

Writing about your own product can be a difficult task because it is difficult to see your own organization from an unbiased perspective and write about your values, growth status, and reputation in a neutral way. However, to get published on Wikipedia. You must be very clear about your business’s status and write from a third person’s perspective. Also, make sure you have a notable reputation. Because having a tainted reputation can make it difficult for your brand to have a Wikipedia page.

Proofreading is a Must

Lastly, when you are done with the writing process, do not forget to proofread before submitting the article for review. Recheck all of your citations and make sure that each of them is verifiable. Also, there should not be any language errors in the article. Once done with proofreading, submit it to Wikipedia and wait. Good luck.