The Increase In Inflation Isn’t A Good Business News For Pakistan

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The increase in prices of perishable food items has caused an increase in inflation in Pakistan.

According to Dawn’s latest business news, Inflation increased up to 3.7 percent in April from 3.2pc in the preceding month. And this is mainly because of increase in prices of perishable food items.

The CPI crawled up in April making it to the top of Pakistan’s business news :

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday, releasing a data that showed The inflation, measured by Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI crawled up in April after witnessing a declining trend in the past three months.

The report further showed The CPI tracks the prices of around 480 commodities every month in urban centers across the country.

Business news: Fresh fruits and Vegetables in Pakistan are the reason behind the increase in inflation

Like I mentioned above, the readily decaying fruits and vegetables witnessed increased in their prices, which in return, caused an increase in inflation.

Let’s go into the details of this business news.

Food items whose prices increased the most in April were fresh vegetables, up 15.3pc, tomatoes 8.47pc, fresh fruits 5.76pc, chicken 4.34pc, sweet meat 4.01pc, sugar 3.3pc, betel leaves & nuts 2.1pc, meat 1.78pc, spices 1.68pc, condiments 1.66pc, dry fruits 1.54pc, jam & pickles 1.47pc, fish 1.46pc, beverages 1.42pc, tea 1.36pc and milk products 1.2pc, as per the report.

Furthermore, the daily-consumed item like onions and potatoes witnessed an increase in their prices as well.

In the same category, onions dipped 10.66pc month-on-month, potatoes 7.19pc, eggs 5.06pc, wheat 2.79pc, besan 1.38pc, pulse mash 1.37pc, gram whole 1.33pc, pulse masoor 1.13pc, wheat flour 0.69pc and wheat product 0.5pc.

We all are aware of the ascending poverty condition in Pakistan. And this latest business news of the increase in inflation will act like nothing but an atom bomb on already stressed people of Pakistan.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.