The importance of Chelum for Pakistanis



Arbaeen in Arabic, chehlum in Urdu, and ‘forty’ in English.

The AHLE TASHI community among us very so morally and spiritually attached to the chehlum of Hazrat Imam Ali (RA) and other martyrs of the Karbala tragedy. Muslims had a past where they had a battle on the land of Karbala, where all the Muslims were treacherously abducted. They were called on behalf of their leader who agreed on Islam. So the Holy Prophet’s (SAWW) grandson Hazrat Imam (RA) took his family and people and make their way to Karbala where they were out of sources and shelter. He and people were treacherously killed, children were slaughtered and women were treated so badly.

Chehlum comes after 40 days of Ashura. They recall their memories and remind everyone what happened in the past and rewind their emotions. People wear dark color dresses, specifically black dress till Moharram ends. They are attached today so emotionally that they cry and ask for magfirah (apology) from Allah.

Holy Prophet (SAWW) once said;

“Whoever dedicates himself to Allah (SWT) for forty days, will find springs of wisdom sprout of his heart and flow on his tongue”

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However, Chehlum in Pakistan takes place quite different than how it is conducted in other Muslim countries. Here, people have to suffer as they have offices, schools, colleges, and every other place is strictly blocked. Karachi, Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit, Islamabad and other areas are highly affected. It’s considered as a public holiday nationwide. Blockage of roads ain’t enough. So they’re provided a complete protocol to get safety from any terror attack. Guards, police and army rangers are authorized on their marks so they keep eye on mishaps.

People believe in doing Ziyarat e Arbaeen as they recall that day. Their holy visitation starts from one particular place to different to their Imam bargah (residence) where they all held together and pray.


The latest news says people are facing a big problem with the transportation facility. Common people suffer a lot of transportation trouble as public vehicles are really to be found, and other private vehicles are not found because people are scared to bring out their cars or vehicles as they are scared of they getting stuck into a place or in blockage of roads.

Motorbikes can have only one rider, double rides or triple rides are banned to keep the security policy maintained. Checks on roads and different areas are kept on their safety level. People who earn on the basis of transportation, face a lot of trouble. They can’t earn for that day so how they’ll earn money, buy food for their family. Poor mostly suffer on this type of holidays where they can’t go in search of money or food.

To rectify the situation they must not stop making this day but at least they should realize that making this day on a big level in a metropolitan city like KHI can cause trouble not to poor but to rich also. Not only transportation-related businesses but also other sorts of business gets affected, that’s a big drawback for the whole country. The work must be done in office on daily basis but if not then these holidays extend it more. Schools, colleges are educational platforms that get into a loss.

They use huge containers to block the roads which if they forget to remove can cause severe accidents. Thousands of people wanted to speak for this nationwide issue that why can’t we deal with this so realistically and practically thinking of everybody and not only for a particular community.

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Networking was made to socialize more conveniently. People have phones but they’re out of networks, what sort of advantage they’ll get. In the top news report, it is reported that that networks are not available in several areas and that’s completely a drawback for our country. What if somebody has to make an urgent call? Or somebody is really in need in terms of the network? What is their fault?

Our government must understand that they should provide security to them but make sure that other people are not disturbed from their actions because when they’ll raise their voices there will be a huge conflict.

Network services can be dangerous in some serious terror acts that are understandable but there should be some controlling measures. Why make the whole country suffer. Well if they won’t cut the signals they’ll make it too low so that people can hardly use it. They must understand and make it more neutral so that it’ll be convenient for the public too.

The networking organizations such as (Ufone, Warid, Jazz, Zong and Telenor etc) has to face a big loss. Their daily profit turnover and change into a huge loss. They run on networking and what they actually suffer is their loss, they’ll when later on do the protest and raise their voice that will affect the public also. Why all in all public or common people have to suffer. They are the future of our nation but when they get is a burden on them for all the things.

The Internet is also running on these local networks but people on these days can’t avail the internet facility also. It’s a big drawback if we make a view of it.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.