The Gmail Redesign Has AI, Snooze Feature, Nudging Feature And Much More!

Gmail redesign

Earlier reports regarding Google, signaled that the company was planning a redesign of Gmail. Well, guess what, the Gmail redesign is here and it’s super cool!


The technology giant, Google, just revealed its sharper, upgraded and newer visual look for the Gmail web app. This super cool upgradation of Gmail is going to be one eye-catching look.

The Gmail redesign brings some changes in your previous Gmail web app (and I love it!)


The new redesign introduced by Google shows that a lot of changes have taken place but the major change what we all desperately needed is this:


I don’t know about you, but Gmail’s restriction to leave the inbox page in case you need to do something on Gmail used to drive me crazy. And with this Gmail redesign, I realized that I wasn’t the only irritated Gmail user.


The biggest changes allow users to perform more actions without having to leave their inbox. Finally. Thank you, Google.


Furthermore, your new Gmail will let the mouse over an email bring up icons that let you archive, delete, or mark it as read.

Google redesign
source: Techspot

The Gmail redesign has a new snooze feature as well:

Gmail is now a beauty with brains.

With upgraded visual representation, puberty didn’t only do wonders in the looks sector for Gmail. But the new snooze feature will make the place much better for Gmail users.

The new Snooze feature; this lets you choose when you want to be reminded about an email, be it later that day, tomorrow, the weekend, next week, or a date and time of your choosing.


The ‘nudging’ feature in Gmail redesign: say hello to AI

Gmail redesign


Google is using artificial intelligence to make sure you don’t miss any important messages. With its “nudging” feature users’ will see reminders appear next to older emails that the  AI think you might want to respond to. The smart replies feature found in the Gmail mobile app, which lets you reply to messages faster by using preset responses, is also coming to the web version.

There’s so much more that you need to check out in the Gmail redesign.

By Maira Feroz

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