The Gender Guardian – First Transgender School In Pakistan

Transgender school
source: Techjuice

From last few years the thought to accept transgender as human beings and not as a ‘curse’ is slowly prevailing in our society, and by the news of ‘First Transgender School In Pakistan’, the feeling is taking a practical face.

First Transgender School In Pakistan Is A Step Towards Progressive Pakistan:

Transgender school
source: Techjuice

There’s always one strong hand behind every successful plan and in this case, the strong hands came from an NGO.
With immense help and support from the NGO called Exploring Future Foundation, First Transgender School In Pakistan named “The Gender Guardian” is all set to open in Pakistan’s big city, Lahore.
The school will not only provide 12 years of academic education but will also be training students in the field of technical education, such as fashion designing, beautician and hair styling courses, graphic designing, computer and mobile repairing, among others.

The Gender Guardian – First Transgender School In Pakistan Will Soon Break Stereotypes:

First, Marvia Malik, the first transgender anchor person in Pakistan jumped societal barriers in style and now “The Gender Guardian” will revive their community’s condition through education.
Even though the country still has those contrary instincts prevailing, where they feel ashamed of people of these communities because of their profession (which society forced them to choose) but now that aspiring people belonging to transgender community have stood up to change their community’s image by choosing acceptable and dignified professions, society is also trying to appreciate and accept them.

The First Transgender School In Pakistan
source: Dawn

And the best form of change is only possible through education. The transgender community realized how important it is to be educated in order to survive in this society, therefore this school is set as the first pillar.

We are hopeful and confident that this school will provide aspiring students who will not only change the face of their community but will make their country proud.

The school is expected to open on 15 April. Asif Shahzad, the founder of The First Transgender School In Pakistan, says that the school will be formally launched through an opening ceremony at Gadaffi Stadium Lahore’s Alhamra Hall, where celebrities from showbiz are expected to attend.

By Maira Feroz

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