‘The Donkey King’ is breaking all records in Pakistan!


BlockBuster movie of the year!

So finally the movie which we all had our eyes set on, ‘The Donkey King’, released a few days back and did a major business right in its initial days of release. It was loved by people of all age groups; the kids, teenagers, adults, and everyone.

It was enjoyed so much that it has become the biggest release of Pakistan this year.

Produced by the Geo Films, ‘The Donkey King’ has broken all the previous box office records of animated films produced in Pakistan on the first day of its release. It will be safe to say that Geo was massively successful right on its first attempt on making an animated movie.

Record-Breaking business in its initial days of release!

The movie was written, directed, and co-produced by Aziz Jindani. The movie was premiered on Friday in Karachi and for the public screening, it was released on Saturday. After the premiere when the movie officially released for the public to see, it welcomed a parade of people who seemed extremely fond of the movie. The film had a gigantic opening and grabbed a whopping Rs. 13.5 million on just the second day of the release ie on Sunday.

According to the latest news, the business it has been getting systematically up to now, the movie is expected to make a record-breaking Rs. 30 million in its opening week. In addition to this, by seeing the upward trend in the business done by the movie, the popularity of its music and the hype created amongst the audiences, it is predicted that the movie ‘The Donkey King’ will have this successful run continued in the coming weeks as well and it might just receive a massive overall profit in the first month of the release.

Pre-release success

Apart from this exclusive success the movie and its makers are enjoying, the track of the movie, its trailer, and its teasers have also recorded a whopping record of more than 10 million hits on social media giant platforms Facebook and YouTube.

Entertainment, Politics, Entertainment!

That one catchphrase that got everybody’s attention in the movie is ‘Entertainment, politics, entertainment’. And with the correct use of punch lines and dialogues, the movie registered itself as a blockbuster in the minds of the viewers.

Humor, drama, suspense, action, You name it, the movie has it!

Generally, it is not easy to get everything from one single movie of 2,5 hours. But what differentiates The Donkey King with other movies is that it provides you all the spices in one movie in one go. You will find humor, drama, suspense, a few emotional scenes, and action as well, all rolled into one movie. It is a film that will not get people bored or cheesed off while watching it. It is a relatively fast-paced movie with a couple of brief scenes.

Use of Political Satire!

Though the movie has been compared with Bollywood movie ‘Naiti Raj’ and Pakistani classic ‘Insaan Aur Gadha’ on a couple of occasions this movie still differentiates from them on so many levels. The movie promises to be a product for all ages and does not restrict itself for the children only. The comedy is surely for kids but the deep political satire is for the adults which they will enjoy for sure.

Donkey Raja

The movie has carved an uncarvable space in the hearts of children with its super hit song ‘Donkey Raja’. This song is on every kid’s lips these days.

Movie for all!

This movie is for people belonging to all age groups. The lesson that it delivers and the comedy it presents is a treat to watch.

Mangu Jan

One more prominent dialogue which got popular instantly is ‘My name is Mangu Mangu Jan Mangu–the washing machine’

The Story!

The most grounded purpose of The Donkey King is its special, locally applicable storyline, tongue and cheek discoursed, and characters that are worked to last. The movie addresses the children however reliably winks at the grown-ups with its amazing comedy and satire at different things which will make it an advantageous movie for all age people.

As the name says it all the narrative of “The Donkey King” rotates around a donkey. That named Mangu (the protagonist of the movie) who never considered important and unintentionally moves toward becoming a king somehow. This is something he had never envisioned. He longs for getting to be rich, having his very own car, and substantially more. A stroke of favorable luck (or political moving) lands him as the ruler of his kingdom, Azad Nagar. Basic as he seems to be, Mangu comprehends being a king just when he knows the real agenda of the people that are surrounding him.

Voice over artists

The characters of Mangu has been given its voice by Jan Rambo. Hina Dilpazeer did the voice over for the character Miss Fitna, Ghulam Mohiuddin played the role of Badshah Khan.

The movie did wonderful as far as the story and the comedy is concerned. The visuals were also better than average.

Our Final Verdict

On a scale of one till ten if we are to rate the movie, we will give it an eight. We think this movie is the best thing to engross in watching the next weekend with the family with kids. It has everything you would want to spend your money and time on. The Pakistani movie industry is blooming and the type of movies it is producing is something worth noting. The industry is substantially outstanding movies in many genres. Pakistani movies definitely have raised their standards.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.