Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Biggest Automotive News In Pakistan Right Now!

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Here comes the much-awaited automotive news for all the automotive lovers in Pakistan.
The government of Pakistan has given permission to 8 new automakers to set up their assembly and manufacturing plants in the country.

Well, we all know what this means, more automobiles!

Mr. Asim Ayaz, the Deputy Manager General of Engineering Development Board (EDB) of Pakistan, delivered this amazing automotive news at the open hearing organized by Competition Commission of Pakistan in a bid to discuss competition and consumers issues.

The gap between demand and supply of automotive was the biggest automotive new from few days:

Mr. Ayaz delivered the solution of issues of demand and supply of automotive in Pakistan. At the open hearing, he said, “With many new entrants coming to Pakistan the gap between demand and supply of cars will not be an issue in coming years. The companies will not only manufacture commercial vehicles but also passenger cars as well.”


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Here are the details of the biggest automotive news in Pakistan right now:

Mr. Asim Ayaz stated lots of perks of this new project in which many automakers companies are ready to set up their manufacturing plants in Pakistan. Moreover, he didn’t announce all of the names of automakers’ companies, who are about to rule the Automotive industry in Pakistan.

According to Pakwheels, here are the names who are about to set up assemblies and manufacturing plants in Pakistan:


  • Hyundai-Nishat
  • Kia-lucky Motors
  • United Motors
  • Regal Automobile
  • Renault
  • Khalid Mushtaq Motors
  • Sazgar Engineering Works
  • Changan in collaboration with Master Motors. The company is building assembly plant from where it will assemble and sell Changan’s vehicles in Pakistan.

    Apart from car-manufacturing companies, here are the names of the companies ready launch new vehicles in the country:
  • Ghandhara Nissan (Datsun, JAC vehicles and Renault trucks)
  • Dewan-Daehan ( The company has already launched Daehan Shehzore)
  • SsangYong in collaboration with Dewan-Daehan

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