The Beauty of Fruits

The Beauty of Fruits

From their vibrant colors to their unique shapes, fruits on their own are a thing of beauty. But aside from that, fruits have also been used to create other beautiful things. The beauty industry, in particular, has long used the gifts of fruits in its products. Because fruits are natural, they have made beauty products healthier, vegan, and more sustainable.

From skincare lines to clothing lines, fruits have enhanced so many products in the industry.


The role of fruits in makeup goes beyond your cherry-scented lip balm and blushing the apples of your cheeks. Mankind has been using makeup for millennia, and in the beginning, we used natural substances from plants.

We’ve come a long way since then. The makeup industry has grown massively this past century, in both good and bad ways. Much of the makeup that we use now unfortunately contains substances and chemicals, which, if not harmful to us humans, are harmful to the environment.

Thankfully, there are beauty brands out there that have turned to fruits to make their products better and healthier. They have also adopted ethical practices in manufacturing their products, from vegan options to zero-waste packaging. Fruits are now taking center stage in the industry through the emergence offruit-pigmented makeup. It’s just so wonderful that we are once again using the natural beauty of fruits to safely enhance our own.

Health supplements

Fruits are healthy. That’s something we learn as humans from day one. But apart from eating your apple a day, there are ways to take advantage of the health benefits of fruits. Apart from incorporating fruits into your favorite meals or desserts, another way to increase your fruit intake is by taking supplements. Nothing beats eating a fresh fruit, but in terms of ease and convenience, supplements take the cake.

There are a lot of health supplements on the market today that are really just fruit extracts. From apple cider vinegar gummies to coconut oil supplements, people have been turning to the natural powers of fruits to care for their bodies. Of course, supplements are just that–things that add and contribute to the health of your diet. They may not be approved for medicinal purposes, but their health benefits are undeniable.

Skin care

Beauty may be skin-deep, but skin care isn’t just about beauty. We’ve learned that having great skin isn’t just about making it look good. It must be healthy, too.

It is for this reason that the skincare market is now just as popular as the makeup industry. Consumers now realize that rather than slathering on great beauty products, it’s even better to reveal great-looking and healthy skin.

Fruits are, of course, an essential part of the skincare industry. From avocado face masks to body scrubs with papaya extract, many products are available in the market that make it easier for us to use fruits for healthy skin.

Hair care

Much like makeup, hair cleaning has been around for centuries. An early version of shampoo in the Indian subcontinent used gooseberry along with other natural plant materials.

Today, fruits are a popular ingredient in many soaps and shampoos, and it’s not just about those fruit-scented bottles. Some companies formulate their products from raw fruits blended with other ingredients. This is because so many fruits have great benefits for hair health. Guava leaves, for example, are said to promote hair growth, while the indispensable coconut oil is a great leave-on conditioner. You can even make your own homemade shampoo using fruits!

Fashion and design

Though not technically within the beauty industry, this allied industry has also been inspired by fruits in many ways. From fruit-patterned textiles to fruit-inspired designs, fruits have added color and life to so many fashion lines.

But fruits aren’t just design inspirations. Clothes can actually be made of them. In the Philippines, for example, pineapple leaves have been used to weave fabrics that are used in the country’s national dress. Banana silk, meanwhile, is a great vegan alternative to the usual silk from silkworms. There are now ways to turn fruit waste into fibers, which can be woven into sustainable articles of clothing.

If you think about it, when a tree bears fruit, it isn’t just the fruit that sprouts from it. Because so many things are created from fruits, these things can be considered as by-products of these trees.

The beauty industry has always appreciated the beauty of fruits, so take a page from their book. Bring more beauty into your life through the gift of fruits.