The 22-Year-Old Gave Birth With The Help Of YouTube Videos!

YouTube videos helped woman giving birth

The madly-used social networking site, YouTube,  helped a woman in delivering her baby alone in her hotel room with its YouTube videos.

YouTube Videos is more than just a source of your favorite songs, here’s the proof:


Tia Freeman, a 22-year-old woman from the USA gave birth to her child all by herself with the help of YouTube videos, reportedly.


Before taking you on the self-labor journey, here’s a little about the woman’s pregnancy journey:


in a series of tweets Tia told the whole story, she told that at first she was unaware of the labor and took it for just food poisoning as she was on the trip to Germany. She later realized that she was pregnant, however, she denied it at first and decided not to tell anybody.


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The phase of denial and journey didn’t stop here.


Instead, she went on a trip to Germany, believing she’d be “all good in the hood” if the baby came on time. But things got tricky when she began experiencing cramps during her 14-hour flight.


In true millennial form, I decided to YouTube it.” – said Tia upon using YouTube videos.


Well, we all know the millennial way of solving all the problems and that is, “Google it”, “Youtube it”, “Facebook it,”  “SnapChat it”. In  other words, “Technology it.”

Being a young 22-year-old woman herself, Tia, did what was expected.

Tia was in a foreign country “where no one spoke or understand English” and she had undergone labor in a hotel room.


While I was terrified as hell reading her story via tweets, Tia said that she ‘wasn’t scared at all‘.


By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.