The deadly, terrifying, life taking tsunami was like a horrible nightmare in the history of all Indonesian tsunamis that became the unfortunate latest news. There was no earth-shaking or shuddering, the sky was all clear, everything was smooth and all of a sudden the water hits the shore and walls of nearest places. Within minutes everything turned out in the worst of there condition without any warning, there was no alarm or instincts for this tsunami, nobody was expecting this to happen all of a sudden. Around 220 people died on the spot of it and hundreds of others were badly injured. It wasn’t expected that tsunami on this big scale would ever occur and take the whole place down. The tsunami hit on this Saturday around 9.30 PM when everybody was relaxing and chilling on the beach of Java and Sumatra, the water body connects the Indian Ocean and it was expected that people near the ocean can get into harm, to the worst situation. It was a big erosion inside the sea and what people saw was when the water hit the land side. It was heart taking when people lost their lives. They didn’t know this was about to happen and strange is the metro police. The metrologist didn’t even know that these windy sea breezes and waves can cause much of a trouble.

The tsunami wasn’t expected at all and it is understood that it didn’t happen due to an earthquake or earthshaking. It was all sudden, measuring it to the core it being calculated to the conclusion that a big volcano exploded in the deep sea that causes the water to stumble out badly and reach to the shore, to hit the walls of landslides so badly that it almost destructed everything coming in its way. The volcano was very explosive and is said to be the biggest of ever known, it the time it exploded it was a smash and spark in the sea, nobody knew this much destruction can cause due to the calming and soothing water within like seconds. The explosion causes smoky ash clouds with thunderstormy winds. As it wasn’t expected of any danger on Saturday so people were enjoying their way to the beach or relaxing and chilling on the sand. Within like a pinch of second people were smashed and gone, the tsunami was so high and was on its full range. People were finished as they come in contact with the seashore.

Immediate help tried to cover up the situation but cannot count the loss. It was miserable and absurdly saddening.

The meteorologists, climatologist, and geophysics agency reportedly mentioned in the New York Times that the tsunami wasn’t any earthquake though it was the second biggest tsunami ever occurred. He mentioned the earthquake that came about a couple of months ago in late September that causes huge destruction and was on a big scale. This tsunami is counted as the biggest of the tsunami in Indonesia. They explained the theory that any shaking in the sea due to any volcano explosion or earthquake can cause such destruction, it’s simple as the Indonesian sea is so close to the land so any shuddering in the sea can majorly affect or disturb the landslide. The reason why it is not counted in the earthquakes is that the earth didn’t shake that well or enough to ring the alarm to warn people to get away from it. It could be a storm inside the sea that is also being considered. Anything that causes rapid movement or shuddering inside water can cause a tsunami. Same happened that day, it was clear when Mountains underwater must have shaken or an underwater earthquake must have occurred, that could probably be the reason for this tsunami.

The tsunami must have caused various destruction in the sea also, not only on landslides but underwater life seems to be destructed also. It’s the master of fact that Indonesia faced such trouble just after a couple of month after that big earthquake that took hundreds of lives and things.

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By Faiza Ahsan

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