A Take on Millennials Obsession With Self-Care

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source: One Health Care

Millenials, the generation which is easiest to label with obsession. Obsession with the internet, obsession with food, obsession with virtual and fictional things and now a new label that can be fitted, ‘obsession with self-care’. So here we present you some out of the box lifestyle tips.

On one side it is pretty easy to define the existing younger generation as depressed or emotionally unstable but on the other hand, people think of them as the ‘complicated’, ‘undefinable’ and ‘confused’ generation.
But whatever you think of them, one thing is for sure that millennial generation is the generation of emotional intelligence.

Self-care apps are the most used applications:

When we are talking about younger generation’s obsession with self-care, then we need to receive this context in a millennial manner. In order to achieve any specific goal or task, millennials find the easiest way. And what’s the easiest way than having access to the internet?

There are tons of self-care applications lifestyle tips. These applications have managed to indulge the younger generation to it. Their obsession with self-care, when accessed through an application, becomes more easy to express.


Self-care industry receives $10 billion from Millennials new obsession:

The internet is filled with self-care strategies and tricks. Don’t believe us? Just do a quick Google search and you’ll find tons of articles and blogs written on self-care.

The real question that arises here is why self-care became so much important for this generation?

Studies have shown that the generations’ obsession with self-care is directly linked to their another obsession, the internet.
Various studies have proved that millennials spend most of their time on the internet and now more studies have proved that students use a web to search for self-care tips and strategies.

So now we know, how one obsession leads to another. And why is there a generational gap in self-care.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.