Superbug: The antibiotic-resistant Bacteria are ‘Fundamental Threat to Humanity’

antibiotic-resistant bacteria
source: cnbcnews

A ‘nightmare bacteria’ is spreading all over the United States, which keeps the ability to resists almost any antibiotics!

These antibiotic-resistant germs aren’t new to the state. Every year, more than 32,000 people are killed in America due to these super-powerful germs. 

How do these antibiotic-resistant bacteria function in the human body?

They grow very quickly as compared to other bacteria. They show quickness in developing mutations that let them resist the effects of antibiotics.
Moreover,  The antibiotic-resistant DNA can be carried in plasmids, which are little cassettes of genetic material which then slips entirely into one bacteria to another and also to other bacteria species.

How does the treatment of these antibiotic-resistant bacterias become impossible?

These bacteria’s carry a whole process in the human body that makes them super-powerful, that the treatment of their given diseases becomes almost impossible.
Like mentioned above, these bacteria have the potential to slip entirely into other bacterias due to the help of their genetic material.
And by this process, when one superbug gives new powers to a different superbug, the result can be an severe health infection that is difficult to treat.
This has happened a lot of times in the US because people weren’t aware of this bacteria. Therefore, treatment couldn’t start at an early stage and in order to conquer this disease, treatment is compulsory as early as possible.

CDC, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says that these bacteria’s ‘spread in the human body like wildfire,’ if not treated early.
But the frightening part is that people that are diagnosed with these bacteria’s show no symptoms of having it.
Therefore, to provide a solution to this problem CDC tried out a new system that aimed to quickly identify these superbugs.

On the other hand, The World Health Organization labeled these  antibiotic-resistant bacteria as “fundamental threat to humanity.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.