Sufi Nights in CP Today

Sufi Nights

Sufi nights are just glorious. That is exactly how Sufi nights in CP have been paving our paths through in the recent past. If you have been a part of these Sufi nights, you will know how the above quote applies to us all. And well if you have not then you are definitely missing out on one of the most beautiful experiences of your lives.

Various bars and restaurants have started indulging in organizing musical nights that are dedicated to Sufi music. These performances are absolutely magical and you will agree when you see it for yourself. Sufi is the devotional music of the Sufis that celebrate the passion of the journey called life.

The cool and mesmerizing compositions that not only relaxes you but also enriches you as a human being various sects of culture, tradition, and religion are reflected through this music.

If you are someone who has never been a part of the daily Sufi nights in CP, here is your chance to check it off your bucket list.

Following is a list of the daily best Sufi nights in CP that will help you unwind after a tiring day. We have broken down the seven days of the week to guide you through the various Sufi nights around town.

Nowhere Terrace:

Nowhere Terrace venue specializes in Sufi nights in CP on Saturdays at 9 pm. The ambiance of the place further helps to set the tone of the night. Being on a terrace, one can sit under the open sky and the starts and be lost in the magical experience. This cafe is also a brewery in nature and therefore you can expect to have just the right drinks to give you the company on such a beautiful night.

Ambrosia Bliss:

Ambrosia Bliss cafe is a well-known place for all the people living in and around CP. It also caters to a huge audience who enjoy serene ambiances. They organize Sufi nights in CP on Sunday from 9 pm every week.

The combination of modern architecture to that of the vintage design is something that adds a sense of drama to the entire place.

The Darzi Bar:

As the unusual name of this party place in CP suggests, this venue is based upon the theme of a tailor shop. The place organizes Sufi nights in CP on Thursday and offers their clients a night full of dreamy escapade.


Informal by Imperfecto is one of the most underrated restaurants in CP. Tuesday is a special day here as they host Sufi nights in CP on Tuesday.

The place has an amazing range of mouth-watering food from Chinese to even the Mediterranean which only adds to the vibe of the place.

S Bar:

S Bar restaurant has been quite popular among food lovers for quite some time now. But in the recent past, it has also grown to have a buzzing crowd on Fridays.

The place arranges a Sufi night in CP on Friday. The beautiful ambiance, amazing food, and the heartwarming music make the place a must-visit.

Add by Striker:

Add by Striker space has been most famous for hosting parties that includes EDM beats and dancing all night. It, quite surprisingly, also hosts Sufi nights in CP on Wednesday.

This unique factor gives the place various moods to choose from. Thus, here is the guide to all those beautiful places that are a must-visit to experience the true essence of Sufi music and culture. This is the best place for a birthday celebration in the Connaught place area.

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