Some extremely sensible tweets that emerged after Atif Mian was dropped


While choosing for the spot in the Economic Advisory Council, the initial name that emerged out was of Atif Mian, a celebrated economist, and a pass out of Princeton University.

Right when the news broke out on social media and local news channels, some extremist people began pouring in their hate and despised it greatly.

The news was despised so much that the government asked Atif Mian to resign from the Economic Advisory Council (ERC) since he belongs to the Ahmadiyya faith.

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Atif Mian released a statement on his Twitter handle, announcing his resignation as summoned by the government. The Princeton University economist stated that he had resigned for the sake of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government’s stability. He said that the governing political party, PTI, has been under pressure from the Muslim clerics and other religio-political parties and their supporters.

In his statement, he said that in spite of this, he is still available to serve his country whenever he is needed. He said,’

‘it is the country in which I was raised and which I love a great deal’

He also said that.

“Serving my country is an inherent part of my faith and will always be my heartfelt desire,”

“Moving forward, I now hope and pray that the Economic Advisory Council is able to fulfill its mandate in the very best way so that the Pakistani people and nation can prosper and flourish,”

“My prayers will always be with Pakistan and I will always be ready to help it in any way that is required.”

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However, the news of his resignation angered people from all over the country. They were shocked to see a man being dropped from the council,  who was selected on merit at first, only because he is an Ahmadi.


The constitution too backs the appointment.

Dennis Freedman changed his name to Dennis Atif Mian

This is sad


Fair enough


By Faiza Ahsan

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