Solar Panels can give dual usage while harvesting energy

Solar Panels can give dual usage while harvesting energy

Solar panels are used as in for converting solar and heat energy into electricity. In many countries, it has become like the most affordable source of obtaining energy which is easily convertible at a reasonable cost. It gives the coverage for instance in many countries people are shuffling to live more in tiny houses or they believe in housing with continuing their traveling dream. Solar panel on that ways is the great source of obtaining electricity to startup all working utilities. The idea for inventing solar panel was to low the cost of energy requirement by decreasing the use of technology and balance the use of it with a new source. It has been working well accordingly but with researching on it more thoroughly, the theory has been forwarded. Solar panels will convert the solar energy into electricity as per its normal use but what new facility comes with an exciting feature where it’ll keep the house cold. It sounds a bit confusing that how it will happen but it measures pretty easily as it’ll harvest the energy on the upper surface of it and will work according to its basic feature whereas it’ll be made from a light plate that will absorb the heat into it and won’t transmit it to the house rooftops. It will not radiate heat and this way the house will stay cold from inside.

Scientists have combined machinery to obtain the exact amount of energy to gain and to radiate as well and where not, then to stop radiating. The scientists stated, people have a more familiar concept of extracting Sun’s energy or it’s those radiations which cannot be seen with our naked eye, they added saying all heat objects have a certain level of transmitting infrared waves or radiations so that the solar panel can manage to absorb it, radiate it and then convert it into a pure form of power. A question must have been going into your minds that why this happens? Why the cooling suddenly comes in our mind? Well getting straightly to the process it goes as the infrared radiations that comes in contact with the panel it transmits all the heat waves whereas these waves have 90% of heat radiations that are convertible into power as for instance 10% of these have the cool radiations that comes in contact with the panel but reverse there way because they are not of use for the solar panel. Only heat waves are absorbed and other ones reverse back. Now with new inventions and technology, a solution has been concluded that these cold waves will be absorbed when comes in direct contact with the solar panel and will radiate to the other machinery where it is converted into a cooling agent which keeps the house cool so that the panel can give you the dual usage. The news published a couple of days ago stated where a team of scientists invested money in making a solar panel which shows the panel has a radiative heat absorbent on top and cold plate on the bottom with a converter.


As the usage of solar panels is increasing day by day, a Japanese company estimated the time until it could be preferably used. Normal solar system ages from 20 to 30 years or if I’m more good quality then it could work more. But as the usage is getting high there are few companies that are making it in a low quality that cannot absorb much of the energy and dies soon within 5 to 6 years. The environmental agency explained that about 80,000,000 of energy is being wasted as per zero consumption on it. People will understand the use of it soon but in coming years it has been expected that the energy from the sun will not get straight in touch with the panels as the environment is getting polluted and the radiations will get affected also. So it won’t get directly in its fine pure form.

To reduce the solar waste we must understand how the solar panels are actually made, what procedures it goes through. It’s important for us to know what materials are used in the making of it for example lead, chromium is not health-friendly as it can cause cancer, lungs or different diseases.

By Faiza Ahsan

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