SnapChat Now Allows You To Delete/Unsend Your Messages!


Remember the time when Mark Zuckerberg promised Facebook users about the alleged ‘ unsend messages’ feature? No?  Well, we are going to take you on that journey but before that, here’s a good news!

Apparently, Facebook’s CEO didn’t go by his plan but another leading social media platform gifted its users the feature that Facebook promised but didn’t make up too.

Snapchat now lets you ‘unsend’ the messages!

snapchat delete message

One of the leading social media platform and teenagers hot favorite application, Snapchat, is known for its amazing features like disappearing of stories and chats after 24 hours. These kinds of features made the application grow daily in term of teenage use. Just like the aforementioned features, Snapchat has now introduced another super-handy feature for the generation known for being ‘clumsy’.

Believe it or not, we are, living in a time where one risky/clumsy message can either destroy your life or can make you the biggest headlines news in a short span of time and I’m not even joking!

Every avid social media user will agree with me how sometimes your mind barely functions in a sensible mode and you being the ‘behind-the-screen-youngster’ don’t even feel threatened whilst functioning in a senseless mode. Until you send one message which works as an electric shock just a second after its delivered.

And then the nightmare begins…

Whether you tap your phone for a thousand times, throw it across the Pacific ocean, burn it down or just punch it to death, that one horrifying message can’t be undone.

Here’s how you can save yourself from embarrassment or trouble:

It’s pretty normal to realize whether you were supposed to send this message or not, or you want to correct a typo before your group of friends starts making fun of you, well worry no more as Snapchat released its new feature on Monday that will save you from all the troubles.

Before telling you the process here’s a great thing about this feature:

Through this feature, you can not only delete the sent message from the personal chat but you can do the same in a group chat as well. But this isn’t the greatest and latest news today!

The amazing thing that comes with this features is that it allows the user to delete the message even after somebody has seen it or save it.

Delete Messages in Chat

First Step: Update your application

Okay, people so this is the most obvious step. You have to first make sure that your application is updated to use this new feature.

Second Step: Let the magic began

Snapchat heard you cry when you wished to have the superpower to delete the message you send. The genie made the feature which is super easy to use. You just have to delete the message is open up the conversation they want to alter and scroll to the message they want to delete. Then they should press the message and hold it down until the option to delete it appears.

Third Step: Pretend as nothing happened

Another good part of this feature is that once the user selects delete. Whatever media they wanted going will disappear from the chat. Friends in that chat will be alerted that something was deleted. But they won’t be able to see what it was.

So all you have to do it is pretend, you can do that, can’t you?

Before closing this tech blog we want to address the elephant in the room. You might be thinking why we and other technology blogs are blaming Facebook first before getting into details of this new Snapchat feature? Well here’s a little background of this finger-pointing game happening in the tech world.

Facebook promised this feature after getting busted:

Once upon a time users and other sources confirmed that old Facebook messages they received from Zuckerberg have disappeared from their Facebook inboxes, while their own replies to him conspicuously remain.

Upon blaming Facebook for another breaching act so the CEO of one of the leading social media platform promised its users to plan an ‘un-send messages’ feature for Facebook messages to all users in the next several months, and won’t let Mark Zuckerberg use that feature any more until it launches for everyone.

But look who did it first? Erm… Snapchat!

Even though it wasn’t a competition but we have a winner here!

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.