Smartphones Surveys: Reports That Have Brought Shocking Revelations!


There was a time when people focused more on health surveys and education related surveys, rather than survey reports concerning entertainment or technology. But the time has changed and so does ours and survey reports’ priorities. One such ‘helpful for the smartphone companies and not so helpful for the world’ survey will get the honor of being in our blog. (Too much narcissism)

Survey On Smartphones Reveal Some Absurd Reality About Millennials:

Millennials, the easily targeted and easily judged group of people of our times. Not that they are the vulnerable ones, but millennials these days are utterly baffling with their choices and interest that might or might not seem disturbing for researchers. In order to understand these young adults, frequent surveys are being conducted all over the world that when goes public raise tons of question regarding millennials’ minds and approach. One such survey went public recently in India, but before shedding light on that here are some of the surveys happened this year that’s defining where our young minds are functioning nowadays.

Shampoo Or Smartphone? Survey Shows What Millennials Choose Between The Two!


Self-hygiene was once known as a un-compromising factor, but in today’s world, it’s chosen to be compromised over technology.

According to the survey conducted by Business Insider, more than half a million youngsters choose to ditch shampoo for a week rather than stop using their cell phones. Although this seems a pretty harmless choice and might sound funny to some, in reality, it’s a really alarming situation that we are denying to focus on.

Many smartphone survey reports have been conducted over the last few years that shows how smartphones’ addiction is causing teen depression. The increasing rate of suicide and anxiety and the emotional distress in teenagers is all because of the constant urge of being connected.


Millennials Engage With Smartphones More As Compared To Real Humans:

This again is a smartphone survey that couldn’t create the amount of impact that it should have. More than 39% of youngsters have agreed to the fact that they are glued to their smartphones. Also that they interact with smartphones more than they communicate with humans in their daily routine.

Now coming to the real smartphone survey report, that has successfully grabbed the attention of many people:

Millennials Prefer Smartphone With Notch:

Yes, you heard it right. The shocking truth has been revealed!

According to the latest survey conducted by India’s biggest e-commerce store, Flipkart, most of the millennials prefer buying smartphones that are designed with a notch.

Undoubtedly, smartphone notches have made to the debate table for quite a few times now. But now I guess the debate should be stopped as we know what the millennials prefer, therefore now smartphone companies can work on it.

And we, on the other hand, should ignore all the alarming smartphone survey reports are signaling and conduct a new survey on the importance of headphone jack and its impact on millennials. (sarcasm intended)

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.