The Smart Wheelchair Is One Amazing Technology News For Pakistan

source: Techjuice

With technology-driven youngsters, Pakistan is beginning to step up in the tech world. One sharp-minded student from LUMS has won our hearts with this technology news.

Faaiz Arbab, a student of LUMS, made a project that would help the handicapped people in making their life a little to live.

Pakistani students are making their way to technology news:

Pakistan might not be in the list of technology-driven countries, but the country’s students’ approach will definitely make a difference for the laybacked nation.

One such student tried to make a beneficial difference for the ones we rarely think about.

GOBEE is a smart wheelchair created by a local industry in Pakistan. This smart wheelchair is based on Faaiz’s project. Not only did his innovative work took a real face but NDA Pakistan

also awarded Faaiz with the best Consumer Product Design Award 2018.

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GOBEE: the smart wheelchair that created the best technology news today

One can’t disagree with the fact that technology is making it’s way to every part of our life. And without any doubt, this intervention is beneficial.

The smart wheelchair, GOBEE, is a product of thoughtful mind and technology. Unlike your basic wheelchair, GOBEE is water repellent, anti-rusting, and had alloy rim wheels coupled with anti-sweat technology sofa seat.

More than that, this electric wheelchair is so easy for disabled people to assist that they can even connect it to their smartphone via Bluetooth or Wifi. They can control the wheelchair over a range of 100 feet.

The smart wheelchair will soon be exported internationally:

The Government of Pakistan had recently announced 66 Billion rupees for the technology sector in Pakistan, I believe with innovative minds like, Faaiz, our country can make good use of the proposed amount.

Faaiz has already started selling GOBEE in Pakistani market. In future, the product may also be exported after its compliance with International Health Regulations (IHR) of World Health Organisation (WHO).


By Maira Feroz

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