Six easy ways to earn from Facebook


Facebook is one of the few most used social networking websites which has a staggering toll of about 2.2 bn registered Monthly Active Users. People keep adding up in the massive circle of the users of this amazing social medium.

It allows you to connect to people from all across the globe but that is not just the only thing we love about Facebook. It provides excellent opportunities for people to make money while sitting in the confines of their homes. There are amazing ways to use Facebook as a medium for your online business. You can use a direct or an indirect way to earn some bucks using Facebook.

Now before you ask us why should you use Facebook and not some other social media when there are so many of them doing an amazing job these days.

To begin your venture, the first thing which you need is a Facebook account and the will to earn cash. Facebook is the third on the list of world’s most popular websites which follows search engine by Google and then its famous video sharing channel Youtube. So whatever businesses are done on Facebook has a huge impact. And to help people make money using their platform, Facebook has launched a set of tools for the convenience of the people in working on their venture to earn. It allows you to post pictures, videos, texts, and audio content that reach as global reach.

There are multiples ways to earn money on Facebook.

1. Earn through Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has a free facility provided to its registered users by the name of Facebook Marketplace. This facility allows the users to list various items, deals, services and promote them directly in the Facebook community.

This service will let you reach a massive toll of people through your social network while Facebook friends will notify others about what you are selling. You will be allowed to sell anything as long as it meets the Facebook Community Guidelines.

How the selling works are that the buyer will contact you, inspect the goods, and agree on a finalized price, the shipping details, and other things and then finally make a purchase from you.

2. Earn by Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

This is also a system provided by Facebook to help its users make money by promoting a product, brand, service, or company through a Facebook page or groups to your contacts. There are a number of established businesses that seek help from affiliate marketers to promote their brand. This includes Amazon, Flipkart, VCommission, Shaadi .com, and many others to name a few.

To get into affiliate marketing, join an affiliate marketing program that is offered by the organization you want to work with, and start posting their content on your Facebook page. Every time someone looks at the content you have posted and becomes a customer of the organization you are promoting, you make money.

3. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Facebook is the leading platform where every business wants to ensure its presence. After your market presence, it is your presence on Facebook that matters the most to run the business on heights. There are multiple ways to promote your product on Facebook. Today, from home-based ventures to multinationals, every business is busy in promoting and advertising their business on Facebook. It has a massive impact.

4. Earn by selling likes

Though this is probably one of the most unethical ways to earn on Facebook this is something that people all across the globe are ardently prone to. There are forums on Facebook that support selling likes for a Facebook page. While others say that this system is illegal to work on. Regardless of this debate, there are a number of marketers who will pay several bucks to you to send a Facebook page to your ‘friends’.

All your friends have to do is simply click the ’like’ button on that particular Facebook page sent to you by a certain marketer. According to various published reports, in addition to one published by National Public Radio (NPR). People charge a substantial amount such as US$ 75 to give 1,000 likes for any Facebook page.

5. Earn by Influencer Marketing on Facebook

Pakistani influencers are in love with Influencer Marketing. It is for anyone with a massive following on Facebook. This marketing technique allows people with a huge following on Facebook to promote a brand or a product on even an ideology through your Facebook page among your huge community of followers. This system of influencer marketing came under the scrutiny of American and other law enforcement agencies. After it was revealed that an ‘influencer marketing’ could have been done by certain countries during the election campaigns in the US and elsewhere.

6. Earn from Facebook Ads

Last but not the least, one good way to earn online on Facebook is to run Facebook Ads. It allows you to create and put up advertisements of various sorts that target a specific group of people based on their interests, age, location, and other demographic parameters. This is a great way to promote your business and has been proved one of the most efficient, effective, and workable ways for marketers today to successfully position their products or service in the minds of the people.

So now that you know some of the most handiest ways to earn money from on Facebook. You have been equipped with a useful set of ways to make a name on Facebook. People are actively engrossed in racing online and now is the best time for you to start as well.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.