Sardar Azmoun, Iranian Football star, retires due to online abuse


Right from the sudden incoming of the internet era, one thing that has become a debate due to it is ‘online trolling and mocking’. People have discussed it a lot on many major platforms and there is no way that this particular act by internet trollers decreases or cuts down by even a minimum range. Internet trolling and its consequences are very ugly. Those irritatingly frustrating and rude remarks made by strangers online have all the strength and the capacity to make one question their self-esteem, their life choices and even their relationships. This can be so bad that many have faced serious consequences due to it such as having their confidence in themselves completely shatter and in the worst case, the trolled person has even committed suicide.

Who are these trolls?

All these people who are the faces behind the terribly rude comments and remarks on other people are normal human beings who make these unnecessary comments whenever they can and whenever possible. Whenever these people get a chance at their hands to hurl insults at other people through social media, comment sections on blogs and other pages or even at feedback sections of a certain website, they take full opportunity to ruin someone’s mood, day or even their life.

These online trolls post annoying, hostile, wrong and fiery remarks on other’s life. This is regularly awful to hear by the person who it is said or written about. In any case, this has no impact on the troll who has posted those harming and offending comments about the other individual. This individual will keep doing it regardless of whether it made a dream completely shatter.

And this is exactly what happened earlier.

Sardar Azmoun, 23-year-old Iranian Soccer Player, became the victim of an internet troll


Sardar Azmoun, a soccer player, who played for the national Iranian team in Fifa 2018 became a victim of serious trolling by online trollers after his team’s poor performance in the tournament. The serious online bullying made the Iranian team lose one of its top players with forwarding when Azmoun announced his retirement from the National team.
This came like a hit to the Iranian group in light of the fact that Sardar Azmoun was one of the Ace players in the group and the group cannot bear to lose this player at this level. The 23-year-old player was the objective of major reaction through social networking media in the wake of neglecting to score in any of the three group matches for the national group of Iran at the World cup 2018 which are held at Russia.

What exactly happened was that the player was mocked and was also sent obscene messages for his apparent lack of performance in any of the group matches. The player said that this made his mother ill and he was bound to take the decision of retirement to avoid any further jeopardy to his family. He shared that his mother was already recovering from a serious illness but those insulting remarks caused the illness to flare up back again. The player said that he chooses his mother over his football career.

On a social media platform, Instagram, where he announced the news of retirement, he wrote, “I chose my mother“.

The top class striker of Rubin Kazan, Sardar Azmoun had been built as the best goal-scoring threat for the team against other teams in the group. Azmoun has made about 23 goals in 36 international appearances of his career.

Retirement by another Iranian player


Apart from Sardar Azmoun, another Iranian player announced his retirement in the wake of their team being disqualified from the tournament. Reza Ghoochannejhad, who is a 30-year-old forward for the team, also announced that he is leaving the national team of Iran. The reason that he gave for his retirement is that he was a consistent unused substitute in all three group matches.

Ghoochannejhad also took to the social media platform, Instagram, to declare his decision to retire. He wrote,”My mind, my personality and my pride do not allow me to wear the Iranian national team shirt again”

Though Reza has not said anything in regard to being retired because of the trolls or the online abuse that is thrown at the team or to retiring due to being dropped by Carlos Queiroz (Iran’s coach) for playing in the World cup. But many say that the retirement plan came out after the coach’s decision to drop Reza at the Fifa tournament.

Performance before being disqualified

Iran team missed out on being qualified for the knockout rounds by only one point. The team had a draw with Portugal with 1 -1, lost to Spain by 1 – 0 and had an own goal by 1 – 0 with Morocco where they beat the Moroccan team.

By Faiza Ahsan

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