Samsung To Pay $533million For Copying Apple’s Features And Designs!


The Korean mobile phone manufacturing company found itself in hot water after the world’s leading tech-giant blamed it for copying its features and designs! And oh, the Federal court threw the ball at the accuser’s court too.

Your very own Korean smartphone manufacturing company that was accused of copying designs and features of another smartphone brand, is none other than Samsung. Yes, Samsung, one of the biggest names in the smartphone world is the culprit here.

Samsung, that usually wins the game of originality has been blamed for copying designs and features of the iPhone.

Samsung has been charged off $533million:

The seven-year-old fight between the two technology brands finally came to an end. With the verdict of a jury of US federal court in favor of Apple.

Here’s a flashback of the seven-year-old patent copying case between Apple and Samsung:

Once upon a time, seven years ago, the iPhone making king accused the latest android phones’ making king of copying five iPhone patents.

But the case became intense when Apple’s demand of $1 billion was not only rejected by Samsung but the Korean tech giant argument for $28 million.

Well, Samsung has been charged with violating three designs patent by Apple. And Samsung still has to pay for copying two other patents. However, by now, the Korean giant has not filed for the appeal against the court’s decision.

But the tables have turned as the seven years old case took an end in 2018 and by now we know who’s the lucky party is.

Here’s how the verdict was declared in the US Federal court:

One of the most heated debates in the world begins when Apple or Samsung releases its apple or android smartphones. The brand dedicated and smartphone enthusiasts from both of the parties start rising up with facts and figures. To win the debate about who introduced the latest features first. And we being the tech bloggers witness such kinds of debates with popcorns in our hands.

But things weren’t as entertaining for the jurors as it usually is for us.

Because this time instead of fans, the brand came out to fight their own battle and the jurors had to be very careful in this popularly looked-upon case.

Except for being a brand war, the presence of the complex-made smartphones made this case even more complicated.

As we have mentioned above that this case starts over the issue of copying features and design so this case was keenly watched as a precedent for whether the design is so important that it could actually be considered the “article of design” even in a product as complex as a smartphone.

Jurors tacked on an additional $5 million in damages for a pair of patented functions. The award appeared to be a bit of a victory for Apple. Which had argued in court that design was essential to the iPhone?

Here’s how the jury’s decision was received by both of the parties:

Both the big names of technology, Samsung, and Apple being the competitor expected the verdict in their favor.

But the verdict isn’t your self-developed features guys, duh!

So now that you know who won fair and square, it’s time to get reviews… I mean reaction from the winning and losing parties, Apple and Samsung respectively.

In a statement, Apple said it was grateful to the jury for finding “that Samsung should pay for copying our products.”

It further added: “We believe deeply in the value of design, and our teams work tirelessly to create innovative products that delight our customers. This case has always been about more than money.”

Well, we know who’s gonna have a celebration party at the Silicon Valley.

On the other hand, Samsung attorney John Quinn told US District Court Judge Lucy Koh that,“We don’t think it is supported by the evidence,” after the verdict was read in her courtroom in Silicon Valley.

Today’s decision flies in the face of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in favor of Samsung on the scope of design patent damages,” Samsung said in its statement.”

Okay so now we know who’s gonna cry tears at Silicon Valley.

Quinn declined an offer by the judge to send jurors back for further deliberation. Samsung would pursue post-trial motions to address its concerns about the verdict.

Juror Christine Calderon said the panel agreed that one of the design patents. The grid of colored icons — did represent the whole phone. While the other two at issue in the trial was seen as the display assembly that gave the iPhone its look.

The case had been sent back to the district court following a Supreme Court decision. To revisit an earlier $400 million damage award.

Before closing this blog here’s a little information regarding the winning of Apple in this case:

Apple was supported by big names in fashion and manufacturing. Design professionals, researchers, and academics citing precedents like Coca-Cola’s iconic soda bottle.

By Maira Feroz

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