Samsung Introducing most costly phone of its history


During this year Samsung second flagship phone Galaxy Note 9 will be available by August, however, as far as updates and features are concerned they may not be so unique because the South Korean giant is working on the new device which is a more awesome and unique device and also it will be very expensive.

Yes, earlier next year, Samsung’s world’s first flexible and foldable display smartphone is likely to introduce ‘Galaxy X’ potentially that will change the smartphone market and if we believe in the new report then its cost would be around $2,000, that’s the reason it will be most costly phone ever produced by the company.

According to a report from the American journal Forbes, this ‘revolutionary’ smartphone of Samsung can at least be $1850 dollars, and by using all effort the South Korean company cannot reduce its price below than $1850. If you are agreeing to spend that much amount on this revolutionary phone then I bet Samsung would definitely make it worth buying.

Samsung Galaxy X

This phone is expected to come with 7.3 inches screen display which will become 4.5 after folding. Samsung’s mobile division president was confirmed some time ago about the manufacturing of this device and said that the company is working on a release date.

Samsung’s spokesperson also told that the company has started developing a real foldable display-based device. This device will be possibly surprising, with 3 screens, out of which 2 inner panels and one external panel. Out of these, two internal panels after folding will make the device display 7.3 inches.

By the way, Apple is likely to be hit with 3 new iPhone models in the year this year as well, and it can also significantly reduce the cost for this purpose. It seems that the South Korean company in 2019 getting ready to give tough competition in the form of Galaxy X.

Well, we can’t say anything until these devices come into the market and how consumer reaction to these devices.