Real eye opener – now soon you can do magic with facebook

Facebook-Eye Opener

As you know facebook always remains in limelight for their new and latest features this time facebook again come up with another great feature.

You can do ‘Magic’ very soon on Facebook and it will be possible through an artificial technology (AI) system.

Yes, researchers on Facebook are working on a new AI system, which will help the social media network giant. Such pictures in which people eyes are closed by using that feature their eyes will be open, and they will look open. There will be also many tools for people to use before posting the picture on social media platforms.

With this new system, users will be able to use an effective tool that will help to show open eyes, which is currently very difficult.

Facebook Eye Opener

The researchers of facebook presented a paper in the last days, which was said that manufacturers are working on such machine learning system GAN, which will try to fool himself till the moment that the image it has created is real. This GAN system will learn that how can the eye structure, color, and other features can be for the people whose eye is closed.

According to the Facebook team, the results proved very encouraging. The GAN system was written in the context that it will be a useful solution to help people improve their photos. According to the researchers, most people considered the open-eyed images realistic or unable to understand that they were edited.

Having said that I am looking forward to testing this cool feature in Facebook, do let us know if this seems unrealistic to you guys.