Ramadan 2018: Here Are The Places That You Need To Visit For A Delicious Aftaari and Sehri


Ramadan is here and so is our food cravings. Not to sound unethical or anything but let’s be honest, Ramadan is about good food. And taking your craving in our hands we present you the ultimate food guide for this Ramadan.

While much of the good news has arrived at the onset of this Holy month, a true foodie awaits for his blessing, The Ramadan food deals!

Before a keyboard jehadis starts stroking me with moral ethics books, just wanna clear out that this is a food blog and “Ramadan Sehri/Iftaar Deals 2018” has started trending and we are here to make things easier for you.

City-biasness is too high on this food blog:

Without creating any confusion, let’s clear out the most important factor that should be mention at the start.

All the Ramadan deals written below are for my fellow Karachiites and this is because of two reasons:

First, I’m a Karachiite as well.

Second, I need to know about the deals in my city

So, if you’re not residing in Karachi then you can use the ultimate savior, Google.

Let’s get to the business, the healthy food business.

List Of The Restaurants Offering Sehri/Iftaar Deals:

Iftaar deals have been going crazy for last few years. I’ve seen a large number of Karachiites rushing their way to some of the most famous food places in Karachi.

And those food places brings more and more amazing deals every passing year.

Even though its quite early to say that below-mentioned restaurants are the only ones that came out with the deal, but they were quick in announcing their Ramadan plans.

Cafe Chatterbox:


The cozy and warmth Cafe took no time in declaring their Ramadan deals. Here’s what they are offering.

Now that’s what I call a lavish Iftaar.

Chatter Box Deli:


Are you done with those daily pakoras and chaat, ChatterBox Deli is offering when out of the box iftaari.

Here’s the Iftaar menu that you should try, just for a change, maybe.


Ramadan Deals 2018

This high-end food place in Karachi is promising to offer something amazing. Even though the menu isn’t on display yet but with this price you can’t be expecting basic iftaar.

Wait, we know what you’re thinking…

While all these high-end restaurants are offering great menus but what’s good for the desi foodie of Karachi?

And when it comes to Sehri, nothing tastes better than some desi cuisines.

Sehri in Karachi – Our Desi Food Guide:

Quetta Alamgir Hotel:

Ramadan-Deals -2018

Paratha and Chai – tell me a better duo than this! And when hot paratha is served with hot on a breezy sehri night, then nothing can go wrong.

The Quetta Alamgir in Bahadurabad is famous for reviving your basic desi cuisine.

Their lacha dar paratha and doodh patti is just pure bliss!

And the best part its pocket-friendly as hell! Take your family, friends or even your relatives, it won’t cost you a lot.

I don’t know about you but this place is definitely on my to-go list.

We have more to offer. Chai lovers in Karachi are existing in bulk and so are these chai and paratha hotels.

While these restaurants aren’t your basic pathaan ka hotel but they have some amazing desi pleasures to offer.

Chai Wala

Must tries: Zeera Paratha and Pizza Paratha with Elaichi Chai!

Chai Shai

Must tries: Aaloo Paratha, Chicken Paratha, and Karak Chai!

Chotu Chai Wala

Must try: Chicken Cheese Paratha and Elaichi Chai!

Chapli Kebab House:

Chapli kebab served beautifully in a plate -tell me a more beautiful sight than this!

This is your to-go sehri place for a wholesome sehri this Ramadan.

Javed Nihari or Zahid Nehari?


If you’re a true desi person you know about the infinity debate between Zahid nehari and Javed nehari lovers.

I’m not going to express my point of views on this but I do want to say it to all the desis out there, that Nehari and Sehri not only rhymes but these two together are a perfect combination.

Khan Ji:


Because what’s a non-desi sehri anyways?

Whether you agree or not those fancy menus look sensible for Iftaar but if you bring these dishes in sehri, I bet the Karachiites will reject it.

So here we go again. Khanji is promising to satisfy your inner desi with their bbq and grill dishes!

Their Kasturi Malai Boti, Peshawari Karahi, and Chullu Kebabs have become a cult favorite in a very short span of time. Their Peshawari Kehva is not to be missed either!

Bar B.Q Tonight:


If you’re a no mercy kind of person then we have the right place for you!

From nihari to qeema to pancakes, from complete desi to total pardesi, from lassi to tea, Bar B.Q Tonight is offering a wide range of dishes in their menu and you shouldn’t miss it!

Well, this is all, for now, we ourselves are waiting for our favorite and best restaurants to announce their Ramadan Deals!

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.