PSL Anthem Review | PSL 6 Groove Mera

PSL Anthem Review

PSL Anthem Review

It’s that time of the year, everybody. It’s time to start the PSL 6 2021. This is the time everyone was waiting for after a pretty depressing 2020 where we couldn’t even watch the Finals from the stadiums and had to compromise with our TV screens. We now have another year where we have to settle for the same thing. If you love cricket, I believe you will enjoy it even on the radio, but if you live and die cricket, you want to feel that excitement again, which you feel in the Stadium.

Luckily we have the PSL 6 anthem to cheer us up even on our TV screens. But some people still want to see Ali Zafar as the Lead singer and writer of the PSL 6 anthem, and they are hating the current PSL 6 anthem. Let’s review the song and see what we

Groove Mera Song

Groove Mera Song

The Anthem Song is called “GROOVE MERA” the main lyrics of the song go like “dekhe ga crowd mera groove tv te” English Translation “The Crowd will watch my Groove on the TV.” The main lyrics of the song are written in Panjabi and are Recorded in a very high-pitched voice. You can see in the song that it has received good funding and has utilized the fundings fully with the visuals, special effects, actors, and most importantly, the Singers.

The PSL 6 Anthem is sung by Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and the Rapper duo Young Stunners. Naseebo Lal carried out all the high-pitched and Panjabi lines, Aima Baig showed her Hip Hop skills, and the Young Stunners made waves with their Rapper Skills.

The whole song is so catchy, and it is also in line with the current situations of the lockdowns. During this PSL, the stadiums will be locked. This song has addressed that concern for people who have put in lyrics that show people’s excitement even when they are in front of their small screens.

But why are people criticizing the song? What’s making people create these memes? And why is the public not happy with such a groovy song? Mera Groove is awesome, and we are going to pay some respects to the Singers.

Respect to Naseebo Lal

Respect to Naseebo Lal

This is Naseebo Lal. She is a 51 Year Singer well known in Pakistan and Hindustan for her high pitched but beautiful singing voice, and for her songs, she has sung for the Pakistani film industry. Her career has had many ups and downs. She has a 30-year long career behind her. During the downfall of the Pakistani Film industry, she had to resort to singing, degrading 18+ songs.

The 18+ songs she had to sing to feed herself have now become why she is being criticized. The most negative criticism she has faced is that she should not have been given this opportunity due to her previous work.

I beg to differ from that opinion. Naseebo Lal is Golden Talent, and if she were not then, she wouldn’t have been in the industry. In an interview, she said 

“I have never been asked to sing an Anthem. This was my first opportunity to perform at a national level, and I have delivered. They gave me a difficult song to sing due to my high-pitched voice. If my voice were not so high, I wouldn’t have been awarded this opportunity”

She said these words in Urdu, of course. This is what it means to explore talent. Her critics are completely wrong to criticize her. When you don’t value talent like Naseebo Lal, they have to find a way to support themselves. This way could also be to sing 18+ songs to make ends meet, and many people will criticize even then. So pointless criticism doesn’t matter, but your dreams do. This was the Naseeb of Naseebo Lal, and she nailed it.

Respect to Aima Baig

Respect to Aima Baig


Aima Baig is an aspiring young artist who chose singing as a hobby and now has to build a very successful career out of it. She has worked with many other artists, most notably Sahir Ali Bagga, on the set of Cock Studio for the song Malang.

She has also sung songs with Mubashir Lukman for the “Sing a song save a life” Campaign. This was her most prominent work as it gathered funds for Cancer Patients in Shaukat Khanum Hospital. She has also shown her talent on the small screen at the age of 15 as a co-host in the popular show Mazaaq Raat.

She has never done a Hip Hop song before, but she also nailed it in the PSL 6 Anthem. Her Groove was awesome, and the lyrics were also catchy as well. But why is she criticized? She is being criticized because she pronounced the word “Cricket” wrong in the song. She pronounced it as “Cirket” instead of Cricket which she did to resonate with our local people who do not speak English, and they also pronounce Cricket as “Cricket.” This was supposed to sound familiar to the public. Instead, it became a point of criticism. I believe she did a great job in her first Hip Hop song style song and made a great impact.

Respect to Young Stunners

Respect to Young Stunners

Talha Anjum and Talha Yunus Both, the dynamic duo of Young Stunners, are some of the most popular Rappers in Pakistan. They started their rap when they were in 10th standard in the Army Public School of Karachi. Their first son Burger-e-Karachi got 800k views and 10,000 shares on its first day of release.

This is the level of success the young stunners have reached with their pure self-learned talent. They are also great in the PSL 6 Anthem. With their rap, they have expressed the people’s excitement for the PSL 6. Even when the stadiums are closed to the public, they have to watch the tournament on their TV screens. Yet the people are going to move to the PSL Groove. Yes, their clothes are a bit funky and too Rainbow colored, but that’s part of the fun.

Shoaib Akhtar’s Criticism.

Shoaib Akhtar's Critisim

In an interview, Mr. Shoaib Akhtar, the Legendary Pindi Express fast bowler, also criticized the song and PCB for creating this song. I think Shoaib Akhtar has some beef with the PCB and is using the song as an excuse. His criticism is baseless. In the interview, he gave no reason why the song was terrible but kept saying what it is and what it means.

He also criticized the lyrics pitch of the artists and the rappers involved. He was careful not to take any names, though. I think Mr. Shoaib Akhtar has made no valid points to prove the song was terrible, and he needs to sort his issues with the PCB without criticizing other people’s work. Mr. Shoaib Akhtar takes a deep breath and chill.

Why Not Ali Zafar

Why not Ali Zafar

Today people are again asking for Ali Zafar. Yes, Ali Zafar’s Previous PSL song was legendary, and the one he crowdfunded, “Mela Loot Lia,” was also well received by his fans and PSL fans in general. But how many times are you going to make Ali Zafar sing the PSL song? If you overuse someone for the same task, the value of that person is reduced, and the excitement you get from their voice is gone.

I believe that Choosing Naseebo Lal’s experience and high pitched voice, Aima Baig’s Charm and Talent, and Young Stunners Style and Ability to connect with the public was the better choice instead of overusing Ali Zafar. 

Final Conclusion

Don’t get us wrong, Ali Zafar is an excellent artist. But using him for the PSL 6 Anthem doesn’t seem right because he has already done that before, and it should be someone else’s opportunity to shine.

Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners have proved their worth and have displayed their talents in full form. This is the best display of our versatile talent and a great way to make them shine.

I hope you like this blog post, and we hope you have enjoyed the PSL 6 Anthem. If you haven’t viewed it, we have placed the YouTube video above. Feel free to read more sports blog posts and stay tuned to

By Faizan Elahi Qureshi

Student of Digital Marketing.